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  • Day14

    Huon Pine

    November 5, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Tasmania's Huon Pine is one of the slowest growing and longest living trees on the planet. Individual trees can take 2000 years to reach 30 meters in height and live to 3000 years. The timber is prized by shipwrights and furniture makers for its rich golden hue, rot resistant oils, fine grain and fragrance. Fortunately it's now a protected species, but in the past suffered devastation by early wood cutters who searched for the forest 'yellow gold '. The Huon pine products you see today are manufactured from recycled timber or comes from dead trees salvaged from riverbed and forest floors.
    Accompanying photos :
    A shinny yellow gold example of manufactured huon pine.
    A stack of reclaimed huon pine logs - note initials on end of log as a claim to owner of each log.
    Beautifully crafted rocking horses made from huon pine- the smallest $5000, middle size $8,500 and the largest $10,000- do you want one ???
    A moving work created in huon pine paying tribute to the many convict women who passed through the Cascades Female Factory and went on to contribute much to the development of today's society.
    A fallen huon pine tree in the Gorden River National Park.
    A huon pine in the Gordon River National Park.
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