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  • Day60

    Christchurch (3)

    December 19, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    For today we pre booked a ticket for the tram. The driver even let us on without going to the headquarters on. I think this only happens in New Zealand. In Austria you would be kindly told to get the proper ticket first 😬

    Upon arriving at the museum, Matilda excitedly shouted to get off. The reason: she wanted to go to yesterday’s playground 😂 Instead we visited the Canterbury museum, which was exciting, too. Especially the hunt for 🎅🏽. They hid various Santa’s in the exhibition and the kids were encouraged to find those.

    Another tram ride took us to Regent Street. Unfortunately we ended at a very touristy cafe with rather low quality food 😒
    On the way to THE playground in Christchurch Thomas had his loping needed haircut. He felt like newly born 😂
    And I decided for a 20min Chinese massage. I knew from my time in China that this massage is not going to be relaxing. But as long as my backpain‘s gone I didn’t mind. A lady kneaded me and dug her elbow into my back. I wanted to jump from the table 😂 BUT she managed to losen my muscles and I felt so good. No surprise both Thomas and I endured a very long session at Margaret Mahoy Playground 😂
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