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  • Day38

    Day 33 comments

    July 15 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Got a slow start to the day. Was lazy to get out of bed. Today was a short day. Just over 100km to silver city to do, but included the last few big climbs of the trip.

    As normal it took my body a while to get going. The short, gentle hills making me walk. Mostly I just tried to keep moving as far as possible.

    I was riding through forested hills. Didn't look much like desert, but the hills created a few quite technical descants, feeling much steeper than the climbs.

    I was concerned I did not have enough food and water. I met a fireman who was doing maintenance along the road while monitoring a fire nearby. (I had seen the smoke in the valley but thought it was mist). We had a good chat, him saying he was too old to do what I was doing (he is 40). He gave me 2l of water.

    I am very low on food. My 2 hamburgers and 2 snacks are being very carefully rationed.

    We ended up with hike-a-bike section along the CDT (continental divide trail - hiking) for about 10km. I could hardly ride the trail at all and was pushing very very slowly. TYhis took so long that I ran out of food.

    Finally got to silver city about 23:00 but Walmart was still open (24hours). After eating I rode a about5km south of town and camped next to the highway.
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