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  • Day98

    Canada 150

    September 12, 2017 in Canada

    So let's catch up. Steve was hilarious as he would say well today we will just go tour around this little village. The village would turn out to be an historical landmark .On Sept 9th we went to Castle Arouce-an 11th century structure which was built as the first defensive line for access to Coimbra.Nice hiking paths all around and tumbling fortress walks to explore.Following that we had coffee in Avelar.-another quaint village.Monday in Pedrogao Grande is pension cheque day so our village was busy with seniors cashing cheques and buying supplies.Nicola is big into pickling and preserves so we picked up all our supplies and headed back to get pickling.We did 5 different batches of jams and jellies ;including Chow Chow -a PEI recipe we brought over for Nicola. She does hand out her preserves to friends in the village and they love her stuff.Not anything like it in the village.
    Sept 12 we went to Obidos.Obidos is a gorgeous historic center with cobblestones streets and flower-bedecked whitewashed houses , colorful flower boxes.The town's main site is the Castelo -a 13th century castle with towers,battlements and big gates.The great Dom Dinis first showed his wife Dona Isabel the town in 1228 and she so fell in love with it ,he made it a wedding gift to her.The cobblestoned streets are lined with shops and one thing not to miss is having a chocolate cup filled with cherry liquor.Yum.TheTEMPLAR knights used this castle as a post and prior to that the Moors influenced the arcitecture and tile structure of the buildings.
    Sept 13 we did a great big hike in 26 degree weather.OMG We went down into the gorge below their village -about 400 ft. ,then uphill switchbacks to the village on the opposite side - Pedrogao Pecano Portugal has amazing infrastructure but down at the river's edge is the ruins of a Roman bridge.From up top of Pecano we went down again to cross the dam and walk across to the restaurant on the dam.Beautiful spot .Nicola and Steve often sea kayak there.Needless to say after that hike ,we taxied home to wine and relax.
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  • Day105

    Canada 150

    September 19, 2017 in Canada

    I am going to backtrack here as it is now Nov. and Portugal is long past,but I have been busy.Lets pick up about Sept 19 when once again we packed up Stumpy - the car - and headed to Tomar. This magnificent castle was founded in 1160 as the headquarters of the Order of the Knights Templar and absorbed a part of the Muslim settlement dating from 9th- 12th century.Walking around this castle I had such a sense of peace -it was almost like you could here monks chanting. Truly a beautiful place.
    The next day we traveled to Serra to have lunch at a certain restaurant but we couldn't find it.What we did find was amazing.We accidently came upon Rio de Viete-the ecological center of Portugal.Located high atop a hill this facility boasts beautiful scenic views of the surrounding countryside smack dab in the middle of this country.There are hiking paths all around and indeed Steve and Nicola were thrilled to find this spot as it would be a great place to take adventurous guests to hike and sit and watch a sunset
    Following this stop we came upon a quirky little Portuguese restaurant which did a buffet - totally different for all of us.I got to pour my own "all you want beer" - a novelty indeed.However,the Vinho tintos de casa- is always best! This spot is also a family park and the owners are creative indeed as every old tire and piece of metal was shaped into some crazy creature like zoo animals,chairs and swings. Not quite as historical as the other sites we saw.
    Crazy Steve loves to play dress up .
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  • Day156

    PEI, Last Day

    October 14, 2017 in Canada

    We knew these three days would fly by, and they certainly did. Island tours, checking out favourite shopping haunts, walking, golfing, dancing jigs in a downtown pub - we've crammed as much as possible into the short time here. Thank you, thank you Paulette and Jane!
    The van is all tucked away, to spend what is hopefully a mild east coast winter. The sisters "may" be staying as well!
    So until next year, we bid a due to lovely, picturesque PEI, the LeClair sisters, Geisha, and our little van.

    Total mileage- on odometer since leaving Calgary
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  • Day154

    Outside Charlottetown PEI

    October 12, 2017 in Canada

    Our final destination, for this leg!
    We arrived at our friend Paulette's cottage in Stratford, PEI, where she and her sister Jane have spent the last few months, after driving out from Calgary in June. Neither one don't seem to miss working very much, and have enjoyed the wonderful weather, and lots of company. They were in shorts just a couple of days ago, but those mild temperatures seem to be done!

    Regardless, Pauli toured us up to the "North Shore", to the beaches along of Rustico and Brackly Bay. The biting wind was so strong, the lovely fine red sand was blowing into our faces, so unfortunately we couldn't walk along these gorgeous beaches.
    The little fox in the picture, was just sunning himself along side the road.
    We picked up 10 pounds of fresh mussels, and some scallops and the sisters treated us to delicious east coast dinner!
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