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  • Day7

    Veliko Raduha

    August 31, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    After pushing pretty hard for about 4h this morning (the signs indicate 5.5h for that section) I finally got to Koča na Loki. Isn't Loki the ancient norse god of mischief?? (Thank you Stargate for this nugget of wisdom)

    Anyway... left again after only half an hour of break with coffee and water. The idea was to have a late lunch after the big mountain. Unfortunately that meant doing the steepest climb in the hottest hours of the day... and boy was it hot.

    The views from the top however were awesome! Raduha is the first mountain on the trail that's over 2000 meters and it was great just to sit there enjoying the view, pondering life.... and figure out how to get off this mountain again.

    I was a little anxious about the descent since it mentions cables and pegs in the guidebook and I would have preferred my first taste of that to be uphill not down. In general, I really,really don't like going downhill...

    Anyway, it turned out they had changed the path and it was much easier. Mind you, there were still a few moments that got the heart going and it was definitely not a path for those afraid of heights! Finally, after about an hour of downhill hiking/sliding/jumping, I finally get a nice lunch, coffee and break. By now it's about 2.30pm.
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