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  • Day75

    Travel day to Nice, France

    June 4 in France ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    Miles: 6.24 Steps: 14478
    Flights stairs: 2

    We had a travel day today - flew to Nice, France on the French Riviera. It is absolutely beautiful here. I’m learning I love the smaller, more intimate European cities - I guess not counting Paris, which was huge, but I adored!

    There have been street performers everywhere on this trip. Singers, jugglers, dancers, tumblers … they’re everywhere. They set up right where you’re eating outside, are on every street, and are on the subway cars. Todays was magnificent though — playing the electric violin for our trip to the airport. Really classy, and beautiful how it echoed throughout the train.

    Once to Nice, we strolled thru the city and made it down to the beach before dinner. I was surprised to find the beaches are covered in less than comfortable stones. Will see how that works out tomorrow when we stay for the day. It was nice to go to the ocean and not have sand everywhere it shouldn’t be, and the sound of the waves hitting the stones is very unique. But it doesn’t make up for the absolute pain in the feet.
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    sounds lovely


    Guess you didn't see too many people running along the beach huh?? Those rocks do look painful.

    Christie Mitchell

    Nope. 🤣 and I was all prepared for the beaches to be topless, and that was not a thing here. ??


    I think it's that beach. we were at several that were sandy....and topless.