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  • Day40

    Singapore Zoo

    November 1, 2014 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    We went to the Zoo yesterday! Keeping up Claires travel tradition made her fall into french mode right upon entering the Zoo. The Zoo was pretty cool - except for the daily Singapore rain which trapped us inside a food court (OH NO) for like 2 hours. With the climate they have you can imagine the alleys full of green vegetation always giving you the feeling to be in a (very clean and tidy) jungle. The zoo is actually located within one of the few areas in Singapore where there still is primary rain forest. But of course this very part is not natural anymore. We saw some decent shows but what was more fun was the Night Safari. An extra zoo which you can only visit after sunset at 7.30pm as all their nocturnal animals are most active at this time. A zoo in the dark is a nice thing. So you can go see a tiger being fed really close. It was like just 1 meter away, only separated through a thick layer of glass. The African Lion is definitely more impressive than the Asian one. With the low light and when not moving, the animals sometimes looked as they were stuffed. And most importantly, we saw a Slow Loris (!!) climbing a branch just in front of us very slowly of course.

    Soon, we'll head into the city, after it stops raining and our laundry is done!
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