The Gypsies

A pair of old gypsies travelling Australia
Living in: Australia

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  • Day155

    We stayed one night at Indee Station. Had a pleasant couple of hours having a drink and snacks with the owners and other campers at happy hour. We called in here to meet the owners Colin and Betty who are known to some of my family members. It was a nice stay, lovely hospitable people.

    Had lunch at the Whim Creek Pub, an iconic pub located halfway between Roebourne and Port Hedland. It dates back to the 1890's. Originally a tin structure that was destroyed more than once by cyclones, it's been rebuilt to stand the test of time and is once again popular with travellers, miners and locals in the area.

    We rang John to wish him a happy 61st birthday and he invited us to dinner in Dampier at his daughters house. We ate like kings and enjoyed a great night catching up. The meal starter was Morton Bay Bugs wrapped in Prosciutto and Sautéed Banana Prawns followed by a main meal of Fillet Steak and Salad, then Icecream Cake. Yum!!!!

    We are now at Cleaverville beach campsite for a few days.
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  • Day151

    We left Marble Bar after staying one night in the Caravan Park, and took the Marble Bar - Hillside Rd heading towards the Gt Nthn Hwy. We stopped for lunch at Tambina Creek, a place marked on the WikiCamps app. We were not expecting much and were pleasantly surprised to find it really nice, with water enough for kayaking. No one here but us. I don't think this Rd gets too busy with tourists, as the only thing around here are stations and mines.Read more

  • Day149

    We loved this place. Perfect for kayaking, swimming and hiking up to the top of surrounding landscapes. The Gorge still has a lot of water in it and extends for about 3 kilometres. We enjoyed exploring in the the kayaks. We were camped opposite a vertical rock wall which formed one side of the Gorge, and climbed to the top of it, even though I was worrying and fretting, not about the climbing up, but about the coming down part. But I made it back safely thanks to Dave telling me where to put my feet and giving me his shoulder to hang onto. We did not climb the vertical face you can see in the photo, but found a way up the side where it would normally be a waterfall in the wet season. The view from up there was awesome.

    A couple of days later we climbed another rocky outcrop on the other side of our camp, more amazing views of the vast landscape around us. Once again I was a wimp on the downward climb, relying on my hero to lead the way. 💪😏

    We met up with Lesley and Craig again there, and spent a bit of time chatting and having a drink with them. Thoroughly enjoyed their company. Other than that, the the time there was spent cooking, washing and then reading. The little washing machine is great in places like this because there is plenty of fresh water.
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  • Day144

    Coppins Gap is about 60ks east of Marble Bar. It is one of the few breaks in 100 kilometres of rock wall. Very pretty here and a lovely swimming hole. I actually went for a dip, bloody freezing at first but ok after a while.

    We have met a nice couple here from Harvey, Lesley and Craig. They have both retired now but have spent 5 years in a very remote aboriginal community and are interesting to listen to. Lesley was the school principal and gives quite an insight into trying to understand some of the aboriginal thinking.

    Off to Carawine Gorge today. It is supposed to be good and perfect for kayaking.
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  • Day141

    After leaving the Fitzroy River area we drove towards Broome, but stayed at the Roebuck Plains Roadhouse Caravan Park which is about 30ks out. Very nice small park with a Tavern attached to the Roadhouse. Caught up with the washing - sheets, towels, mattress protector, floor mats and clothes. Ha. A mad cleaning fit. 😊
    An afternoon swim in the pool. Dinner in the tavern was a Fishermans Basket each. Huge meals at good prices. It felt almost 5 star after bush camping for the last couple of weeks. A trip into Broome the following morning to shop for food, drinks, fuel and a haircut for me.

    From there we drove to 80 Mile Beach. There is a fabulous caravan park here, however no dogs allowed, so we camped up the rd in a spot where others were doing the same. The beach is beautiful, long sweeping views of white beach and blue water. No seaweed at all. Lots of people tho, driving on the beach, fishing, walking and collecting shells. We only saw a couple of people swimming, possibly because of sharks, and box jellyfish stingers. I wont be going in to find out. 🦈😏
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  • Day137

    After spending one night at Sawfish Point we moved about 15ks back down the river and set up camp for two nights. Dave put a big catfish as bait in an opera net that we had found in the hopes of attracting some Cherabin. No such luck, however when Tristan pulled it up the following morning it had been destroyed by a crocodile. We also found a big crocodile slide up the bank near the boys fishing spot. We worked out that it had come up to retrieve another discarded catfish left on the bank. We left a lot of chook pellet piles around but but only managed to catch one little one not much bigger than a king prawn.
    Dave went kayaking for a while and caught a Barramundi big enough for us all to have some as a pre dinner snack. He cooked it in the Weber in alfoil, it was delicious, and 4 year old Abby absolutely loved it. She's an adorable little girl who has her own fishing rod and actually caught her first fish yesterday, she was so excited, and then went on to catch another 3. All small and thrown back.
    Dave and Tristan have spent hours fishing here, kicking back in their seats down by the water and catching a number of different species, including a Sawtooth Shark, nothing worth keeping, but having a lot of fun together. They've been staying up doing night fishing and Cherabin hunting while we girls go off to bed. Tristan even hooked a crocodile last night!!!!!
    An aboriginal family came in on a day visit yesterday and were very friendly. They were looking for Cherabin as well, and had a couple of cast nets. They were brilliant at throwing those nets perfectly, so Tristan asked the oldest man, whose name we didn't catch, if he would teach him to cast like they were doing. After a couple of lessons he's turned into a pro!!

    The Hali's have gone off to Broome today on their way towards home. We've had an awesome time with them and thoroughly enjoyed their company. Thanks you guys. Xxxx
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  • Day136

    There is the ruins of an old shack in the middle of the riverbed here. It was built by a German migrant called Helmut Schmidt. A local Aboriginal man told us Helmut was a German fighter pilot in WW2 before coming to Australia and ending up as a commercial barramundi fisherman. He was quite a character, a real "bushie" and lived a hermit lifestyle here on the river, although he welcomed visitors if they wanted to visit him. Apparently he liked his beer warm and made his own bricks to build the "shack" using beer bottles and cans as filler in the concrete mix. When the river flooded, pretty much each wet season, he moved up to his second storey and carried on living as usual until the flood waters receded.

    I've added a downloaded photo of him in his "budgie smugglers" that was taken by a photographer who was visiting him. He looks like he could do with a good feed!
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  • Day134

    Since leaving Fitzroy River Weir we have been bush bashing here there and everywhere following Tristan. We stopped in Camballin near the aboriginal community of Looma and did washing, had showers and topped up with water, then we all bought ice creams except Dave. Bliss!!!
    From there we travelled to the Myroodah Crossing on the Fitzroy River and set up camp. Not a bad spot but a long walk to the water from the camping area and the temp was around 38 degrees.
    We eventually reached the Great Northern Hwy and after stopping at the Willare Roadhouse for milk and bread continued north following tracks along the the Fitzroy River. We ended up going as far as the track would take us and set up camp near Sawfish Point on the opposite side of the the King Sound from Derby. The tide was out when we arrived and came in about 4pm as a sweeping wave about 1.5 metres high. The water level kept rising fast for an hour or so then started to recede much to our relief. There was a few worried faces for a while and "Do you think we should pack up and move?" Was mentioned a few times. Ha Ha.
    Of course the fishing rods came out but the fishing wasn't lucrative, except for Dave catching small medium and large cat fish. We couldn't be bothered with them as they are difficult to fillet due to their deadly spines and tough as leather skin.

    Happy 40th Birthday Nicky. Xxxxxxxx
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  • Day130

    Well this place is just magic!!! We rolled in here for a look and went wow! This is nice, let's stay here. It is an old weir and irrigation system that is no longer in use. The floods levels during the wet seasons were too destructive and rendered everything useless. See the photo of the building where I have marked the flood level of 1986. Umm that's a lot of water covering this whole area!

    Dave and Tristan started fishing straight away and over the course of the day pulled in dozens of Barramundi, too bad they were all undersized and released except one that just measured up. Barramundi for dinner.

    There is a lot of freshwater crocs basking on the banks of the river, considered harmless unless cornered. They certainly appear timid and move into the water quickly when they sense someone nearby.
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  • Day129

    We met up with Tristan, Claire and Abby again today on the Fitzroy River at Yungngora Aboriginal Community. Interesting place to drive through, the people were friendly but plenty of rubbish and car bodies about.
    We took the rd towards Camballin and followed Tristan down a side track to the river looking for a suitable camp for the night. The track was pretty rough and one dry creek crossing was entered via a very steep bank. No worries getting down it, but on the journey out it was a different story. We couldn't climb it. Dave said he couldn't engage the diff lockers - they just wouldn't engage. So long story short Tristan had to winch us up. It was an anxious time for me, but the blokes thought it was good fun.
    Then I forgot to shut the fridge drawer properly and it came sliding out and landed on the floor, incredibly, nothing but a jar of Curry paste broke. Amazing, because there was 6 bottles of Corona and numerous other jars with mustard and the like in. But it did look like a curry paste bomb had gone off!!!

    We eventually found a nice place to camp above the river and had a few drinks talking over the days events.
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  • Day128

    We finally managed to leave Kununurra on Wednesday 16 Aug after being in this area for 52 days. Thank god we managed to free camp for 90% of the time, although we were approached by the rangers twice during that time. No fine though. Lucky us!
    We stayed in the Kununurra Showground Caravan Park for the last week and it was a good choice . The cheapest place in town - stay 7 nights and pay for 6 AND free washing machines. Everything got the biggest wash going! It was wonderful and we even managed to give the truck a wash while there.

    We arranged to meet Tristan, Claire and Abby near Halls Creek after Tristan phoned us and said they were heading our way. They are on a fairly rushed trip after spending time in Alice Springs for a wedding. It was great to catch up with them in a bush camp on the Tanami Rd just outside of Halls Creek.

    Tristan and Claire have gone off to see Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek in a National Park, not for us because of Putz. We will meet up with them again near the Fitzroy River tomorrow sometime.
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