A pair of old gypsies travelling Australia
  • Day184

    North eastern tip of tassie

    February 19 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    We left Weldborough and drove through some more beautiful ranges and then up as far as you can drive on the north eastern tip to a free camp on the eastern side. Once we got near the coast the farms looked hungry and dry as the hole of the east coast of Tasmania is. The camp was very exposed and the sea very rough, not for us fair weather campers , so we turned west along the coast to the next camp grounds at Waterhouse point. Lovely sheltered campsites and a beautiful beach to walk along. Perfect for a couple of days r and r after all that driving ( 30 to 80k per day ). From here we went farther west along the coast and called into several little seaside towns for a sqwise and a coffee. Then on to a camp on the end of the Tamar river out from Launceston.Read more

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  • Day180

    Headed north east through the hills

    February 15 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    Left our friends, they went south, and we headed north east taking back roads up through the hills heading towards the north east cape. Once again the roads are gravel but mostly in good condition. The hills got up to 1200m in places, so the driving was slow up and down, but the views were spectacular. Went through some magic little towns, some you would slow right down and take in the ambiance others you locked the doors and keep moving ( deliverance country). Late in the day ( about 3pm time to make camp) we came down in to this beautiful little town called Ringarooma ( how’s that for a name). Drove down the Main Street ( 2 minutes later the end ) but saw the butcher hosing out his shop floor onto the footpath then into the gutter. We pulled up and asked him if he was open tomorrow ( Saturday) and his reply was sorry everything in town closes for the weekend. We stopped,as we needed meat, and went into his shop and bought, as it tuned out, some of the best meat 🥩 we have had in a long time. Whilst chatting to him and his wife about their lovely little town they told us they were having a shindig at their sports ground, and it just so happens that’s where we were camping that night, and we were welcome to come along. The shindig was in aid of Blaze aid so they could send some people to the main land and help out. A great cause so we went along, a cheap meal beautiful homemade salads and a raffle. A dollar a ticket for a good cause so we bought 10. We won 1st , second and third prize so Bess took the one with the most chocolates in it and we put the other two back in the draw. A great night for a worthwhile cause. Left the next day and went to see two water falls then onto a cheesary for some tasting and a cup of coffee. Then onto another beautiful camp behind a pub this time ( only a pub and a few houses here) but a lovely ambianceRead more

  • Day178

    Hobart to Wine glass bay via the hills

    February 13 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Left Bruny and stocked up in Hobart and headed up into the the hills in a roundabout way to Freycinet bay. We spent a night high up in the hills at lake Sorrel at 846m , beautiful spot very quiet just the birds, and oh so peaceful. Then on to Coles bay to do the walk to wine glass bay , 11k.5ks with a 1000 steps on the way. It was a great walk an reasonably challenging but we have done a few walks now and this was not the hardest. Was it worth it , the walk was great , it was just another bay but we have ticked it off our bucket list so all good. Met up with some friends at our camp there We had traveled with them before, out of Birdsviille, and they did the walk with us after a great night of cards. Thanks guys!!Read more

  • Day169

    Back to Bruny for Bess this time

    February 4 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    We went back to Bruny island to show Bess what she had missed out on at Christmas time. But this trip was done Bess and Dave style, long and slow!! Instead of 3 days we check out every inch of the island over 8 days. The only things we repeated was some of the roads and that beautiful restaurant Nicky Andy and I went to on Boxing Day. The whisky distilleries, chocolate factory and oyster shack ( we’re over oysters) went by the board. We had lovely time muching around Bruny and ended up with 2 days at wood cutters point. Here I caught some fish and we did indulge in some more oysters , Kilpatrick this time. Well they were nice but not quite right and as we were eating them a fellow camper came along saw them, and said ‘ nice but not right ‘. I am cooking some you can try mine. Long story short his were beautiful, we found out how he cooked them and now we will have to try again. Bugger more oysters 🦪 at this rate we might start to enjoy them 😏😏Read more

  • Day167

    Mt Field nationl park

    February 2 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Back down near the Derwent river in a little town called Westerway we stayed in the Mt Field National park camp to do a highly recommended walk and to test out Bess’s new shoes. It was a 6.7k walk through some beautiful rain forest,a couple of beautiful water falls and a lot of steps. The shoes were perfect and the walk was very very interesting. At one part of the forest the trees were between 70 and 100m tall. A girth of about 5 to 7m round, dead straight until near the top where they branched out all over the place making them very vulnerable to the wind and not a long life span. Seeing a tree that size and length lying on the ground made you think, which way would I have run?? But all in all a great walk.Read more

  • Day163

    Strathgorden and lakes Pedder and Gorden

    January 29 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    What a great project this is. Done in the 1970s ( before greenies were invented ) they damed lake Pedder in 3 different spots , none of them very big or high, and then put a channel from , the now much bigger lake Pedder , into lake Gorden. The Gorden dam wall is not very long but its very high and between the two lakes they form the largest fresh water storage in Australia. Before they flooded lake Gorden they cut down one of the biggest Huon pines which would’ve beenbeen submerged and it turned out to be 2200 years old. From near the Gorden dam wall there is a hydro set up that produces about one third of Tasmania’s power. The scenery around these dams is magnificent. The lakes are at about 400m above sea level but the mountains around them are up to 1100m so its very spectacular. Very windy there but we were lucky and were there for their day of summer and it was glorious, the lake was a glass off so we took to the kayaks and paddled for about 5 hours, superb but sadly no trout. It snowed 2 days later!!! but we had bailed out back down to the low country and a another national park for our next adventure.Read more

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