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  • Day130

    Borroloola and King Ash bay

    September 12, 2021 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    We arrived in Borroloola safely, but with a flat tyre as well , but here we had internet to organise and fix to our problems. We organised all that and stayed that night in Borroloola waiting for answers. The next day, a Friday, we were told they would get the parts together next week and send them. So we went out to King Ash bay, some 30 odd k away after being told that it’s a beautiful place, and if we have to wait for these parts well I could fish and Bess would have internet ( done deal ) . It’s a beautiful spot and lucky for that, as we’ve had to wait for at least ten days before the parts arrive but a bit of good news is there’s a mechanic on site who said he can put it together for us, so we don’t have to move.
    So I will brush up on my fishing skills ( not that that’s needed😆😎 ) get penguins up to date and get a few little things fixed up on the truck, that after five years of travelling, and a lot of that on rough roads, are starting to catch up on truck and me. This is a beautiful place to be held up in as it has a shop, with most things you need as well as fresh veggies, a pub for a bit of socialising, sort of internet and a chance of catching a fish 🎣🎣🎣. Perfect 😎😎
    Well it’s day 10, a Sunday, and we have been told the parts will be in Darwin on Wednesday, Borroloola on Thursday, King Ash on Friday so he hopes to start Saturday if nothing urgent comes up 😧🤐🤐🤐.
    Well the parts didn’t arrive in Borroloola till Friday and then we had to go pick them up on Saturday morning but all is ok as we have the parts 😀😀. The mechanic said bring the truck over around 10 and I’ll see what I can do. I was there by half 9. Got a ring at 11.30 to say all done and I could go and pick it up 😀😀😀😀. We can now start to plan our next part of our trip which is starting our way home. But wait, we have new neighbours and they have a boat and I think they will be my new best friends!!👍😉😎. Well we did get to go fishing, with my new best friends, and we had a great day with the bonus of catching some fish for dinner 🤣😎😎. The next day we started to pack up and be ready to leave the next day for our long trip home, just over 4500 kilometres. Our new best friends went fishing again and bought us home another nice fish for dinner as a farewell present. We had a great night with them that night, around the camp fire having a lot of laughs and telling a few lies , a great way to finish our time at King Ash bay.
    Well this is my last blog on this trip as the trip home is the same roads we took to came up here, I might put up some more photos of our trip home if I think they are worth it. Other wise buy for now 😎😎😎.
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    sue Martin

    A bit of mucking around but a good ending. Safe travels home 🧡


    You poor buggers having a terrible time [Richard]

  • Day95

    Kathrine , Mataranka and Borroloola

    August 8, 2021 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    We went south 150 clicks to a road called Oolloo. That took us to another spot on the Daly river, a long way further up stream. Another beautiful fishing spot for Barra but alas, as it is at this time of year, it’s hard to get one that is even close to size. Also down Oolloo Road was another gorge and swimming hole , Butterfly Gorge. Drove in, had a swim and a look around before heading towards Katherine. Bush camped just north of Katherine, but with reception, and arranged our Katherine gorge tour. Bess throughly enjoyed the tour where I am a little gorged out , but it was good and a little different all the same. We stayed in a park in Katherine, which was right next to some more hot springs, while we stocked up on food and wine for our next foray, probably a month or 6 weeks to our next super market. From there we went south, down the Stuart highway, to Mataranka. You guessed it, more hot pools! Here we visited Bitter Springs and Mataranka Springs, two different places with hot pools, and although they were beautiful and clear they were too hot to stay in long.
    A group of local workers showed us a lovely spot on the roper river, just below where the hot springs flow into it. The water flowed over a natural rock bar for about 30 metres so we were quite safe from crocs and the temperature was perfect, not too hot not too cold just right for this old buzzard 😊😊. We stayed here a few days, as we were waiting for a part for our fridge this time, and with all the lock downs going on it took a little longer than normal. We stayed in the Elsey National Park in a beautiful bush setting and only a short walk to our new found swimming hole. Mataranka itself was a very small town, one street with 3 fuel stations, 3 fast food stores, Post Office and of course a pub. It was quite sad really because the same things happened each day, being the local inhabitants would appear from under the trees about 10 each day and wander over to the parks opposite the pub and wait there until 2pm when the pub could sell takeaway liquor. Very sad but the same thing happens every day.
    We finally got our part and headed east along the Roper river to try our luck at several different fishing spots. First one was the Roper Bar, which was a natural rock bar that they had made into a crossing by filling in between the rocks with concrete. Great fishing spot but our usual luck, zero. Next Tomato Island, no one could tell us how it got its name as it ain’t no island. A lovely camp but couldn’t get to the river bank because the pandanus was to thick. Onto the next, Mountain Creek camp, but the same problem with the pandanus. Ah well pushed south to the Towns River and a great camp and a perfect bank to fish from. My luck got better here. In I hooked what we think was a salmon, but after a short time playing it a bull shark turned up and that was that. Hooked another good fish but it wasn’t playing the game either and after a short time rocked/snagged me and again game over. But lots of fun 😎😎. Keeping going south we visited another gorge, Butterfly Falls, I think they are running out of names, and then on to the Southern Lost City. But the same story, it’s all that is left after millions of years of wind and rain precariously stacked on one another just waiting for another few million years or someone to walk close enough 🤣🤣.
    Now onto Lorella Springs cattle station, a supposed highlight of this part of the NT, well the road getting there were some of the worst we’ve been on and as it turned out the roads on the station were worse. It’s a million acre property which he has opened up to the public, big mistake, to enjoy kilometres of four wheel driving. Early in the season the public get bogged and then as it drys the public go as fast as possible resulting in terribly corrugated roads. We were too late in the season to see the water holes full, the fishing was lousy even for my low standard and I’ve already told you about the roads.
    Driving out to the coast, the west side of the gulf, was the first time I had seen the gulf from the west side. The camping at the homestead was good and they had a lovely setup with once again hot springs with little fish that bite you, and boy they could make you jump. So bad my last swim was cut short as they would not leave me alone.
    They had an option to go fishing in the helicopter, and it would take you to spots no one could get to, but they wouldn’t guarantee me a fish, and I don’t blame them knowing my record, and at $850 per head, that’s a lot of fish in a fish shop, I gave that a miss. 😜Surprisingly they had a lot of takers. The whole experience was a little underwhelming and at $25/head per day wether you were staying at the homestead, with showers and toilets, or out on the station with no infrastructure and not a lot to see the return on your dollar was not good.
    Now the trucks plastic radiator header tank has a split so will have to find somewhere to holdup to order a new one and get it fitted, ah well that’s life on the road. Stay tuned in for the next exciting instalment, travelling to Borroloola and King Ash Bay.
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    Do enjoy your stories, the only traveling we can do at present 😉 [Margaret]


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