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  • Day198

    Pieman river north to Smithton

    March 4, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    We spent the most of the day paddling the Pieman river, which was absolutely beautiful, before heading north. Spent the night next to the Donaldson river after a great drive , once again through the scenic but always changing west coast. We followed the road north for a bit and then turned east winding our way through the hills again and just soaking up what the west coast is famous for. Spent the next night near lake Chisholm. The next day we did several walks before heading north again to end up in Smithton in a camp called tall timbers. True to its name on the walks we did on the way there were some truly tall trees, 80 to 100 metres tall, and from my perspective they were a long way up 🧐🧐. Spent a few days here, shopping, walking to seeing the sights whilst waiting for another couple ( Frank and Phil ) to arrive off the ferry who are travelling the rest of the west coast with us. Lots of videos and can only put 2 videos up at a time.Read more

  • Day194

    Our first taste of the west coast

    February 29, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    We left our friends at Ulverstone, a little town by Penguin, to travel some roads in high country just inland from the west coast. We traveled south on the Murchison hwy for about 200 hundred odd clicks, travelling through a little town called Yolla which has the reputation for the best pizza in Tasmania, sad to say only ho hum. The next day took us through the Hellyer gorge , truly a beautiful drive and spent a night at the bottom in the damp and cold, dumb but beautiful. From there we went a bit further south then turn west towards the coast to a little mountain town called Waratah. A very peaceful place, damp, mossy ,boggy and very green and when the sun was out you could don ya coat and gummies and enjoy a brisk walk. Stayed a couple of days to do some washing, they had a drier, before heading west to the Pieman river. A spectacular drive, up hill and down dale through beautiful bush covered hills and a few water falls thrown in for good measure. When we got to the Pieman river and camp only to find out they wanted $45 a night with no facilities not even water!! Go figure that out. So we back tracked a bit and spent the night tucked up beside some beehives, they were much more amenable!!! Still had no water but the price was right. 😎😎Read more

  • Day189

    Time for some R and R

    February 24, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    From lake Barrington we zigzag our way out to the coast, picking some blackberries on the way as I haven’t had a blackberry and apple pie since kiwi land. Stayed at a lovely little camp right on the coast where penguins camp up every night so we thought that would be nice to see them. Just one problem, they came in after dark and headed out before dawn and we don’t do ether of those so we just listened to them come in but we didn’t hear them go. Ahwell !!🧐😉🤓😎. Spent 4 days around here resting up, catching up with our friends from NSW again and getting ready to start seeing the west.Read more

  • Day188

    Now on to Cradle mountain

    February 23, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    We left the Tamar river and headed south south west to the foothills of the northern end of the range of mountains that make up the centre of Tasmania. We are making our way towards Cradle mountain in a very round about way , zigzagging in and out of the foothills looking at some beautiful farm land and what you can grow in this climate. Grows just about anything but only in seasons and personally I don’t do seasons anymore as there is cold and very cold ones in there!! Not for me!!!😎😎. Stayed in some lovely bush camps as well as beside some beautiful lakes. Our next camp , by lake Gairdner , just below Cradle mountain and close enough to be able to do a day trip. Traveled up Cradle mountain the next morning to the information centre, a fare way up the mountain , and there we picked which walk we thought we could do. Then onto the shuttle bus up to our drop point and onto shankes pony for the walk. With in a few hundred metres we saw a beautiful a wombat grazing just off the track we were on. They look like a beautiful cute cuddly bear. Then on up mountain towards our goal, Marions lookout. Went past a beautiful lake, had a wee rest there, and then on we went up up up. Thinking we had made on top of a ridge when some nice person popped our bubble and pointed out Marions lookout well above us and very steep to boot. There was a bit of dissension in our camp about the need to go up there, but I just pushed on saying the views would make it worthwhile. It got steeper and steeper till we were pulling ourselves up by a chain they had installed for the last hundred or so metres. At the top it most definitely was worth it , the views were stunning, and Bess was stoked she had made it. We sat up there and had lunch and just took in the views, amazing and very little wind which we were told doesn’t happen very often. Just for the record it snowed there a couple of days later. Then the decent, not a hell of a lot easier than going up, just slowly slowly!! Passed a couple of more lakes on our way down to the car park which still had a lot of ups and downs to get there. On arrival at the car park, 5 and a half hours later, we looked back up at where we had been and l thought to my self, that crazy skinny cousin of mine and his super fit wife must be getting into my head for me to have done something like that!!!😤😤. Crawled back onto the bus back to our truck and down to another lake, lake Barrington , for a well earned rest.Read more

  • Day184

    North eastern tip of tassie

    February 19, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    We left Weldborough and drove through some more beautiful ranges and then up as far as you can drive on the north eastern tip to a free camp on the eastern side. Once we got near the coast the farms looked hungry and dry as the hole of the east coast of Tasmania is. The camp was very exposed and the sea very rough, not for us fair weather campers , so we turned west along the coast to the next camp grounds at Waterhouse point. Lovely sheltered campsites and a beautiful beach to walk along. Perfect for a couple of days r and r after all that driving ( 30 to 80k per day ). From here we went farther west along the coast and called into several little seaside towns for a sqwise and a coffee. Then on to a camp on the end of the Tamar river out from Launceston.Read more

  • Day180

    Headed north east through the hills

    February 15, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    Left our friends, they went south, and we headed north east taking back roads up through the hills heading towards the north east cape. Once again the roads are gravel but mostly in good condition. The hills got up to 1200m in places, so the driving was slow up and down, but the views were spectacular. Went through some magic little towns, some you would slow right down and take in the ambiance others you locked the doors and keep moving ( deliverance country). Late in the day ( about 3pm time to make camp) we came down in to this beautiful little town called Ringarooma ( how’s that for a name). Drove down the Main Street ( 2 minutes later the end ) but saw the butcher hosing out his shop floor onto the footpath then into the gutter. We pulled up and asked him if he was open tomorrow ( Saturday) and his reply was sorry everything in town closes for the weekend. We stopped,as we needed meat, and went into his shop and bought, as it tuned out, some of the best meat 🥩 we have had in a long time. Whilst chatting to him and his wife about their lovely little town they told us they were having a shindig at their sports ground, and it just so happens that’s where we were camping that night, and we were welcome to come along. The shindig was in aid of Blaze aid so they could send some people to the main land and help out. A great cause so we went along, a cheap meal beautiful homemade salads and a raffle. A dollar a ticket for a good cause so we bought 10. We won 1st , second and third prize so Bess took the one with the most chocolates in it and we put the other two back in the draw. A great night for a worthwhile cause. Left the next day and went to see two water falls then onto a cheesary for some tasting and a cup of coffee. Then onto another beautiful camp behind a pub this time ( only a pub and a few houses here) but a lovely ambianceRead more

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    Great to hear from you. Only just got this. Or did I miss it before. Can you get back to the mainland yet [Sue]


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