The Gypsies

A pair of old gypsies travelling Australia
Living in: Western Australia, Australia
  • Day206

    Hervey Bay and Buxton

    November 25 in Australia

    Had to go north to Hervey Bay to get the lithium battery seen too. Quite a nice place, had a drink at the Boat Club and dinner at an Asian restaurant overlooking the marina. It’s a busy place with lots of retirees living there.
    So then we popped up the coast to a little place called Buxton ( see photos). Will be wetting a line here for sure. It’s a beautiful day about 30 degrees but a lovely sea breeze. Only allowed 24 hours here but who’s counting. We are meant to be back in Brisbane tomorrow but ah well I say we had truck problems ( hope they aren’t following us on penguins ).Read more

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  • Day192

    South Bank Brisbane

    November 11 in Australia

    We’ve been staying at the Pine Rivers Showgrounds for the past week, close to Travel Trucks for the truck and the doctors for Dave.
    We’ve got ourselves Go Cards and have been using the Public transport system, a very cheap way to get around. Bus stops and train stations almost at our doorstep. Today we caught the train into the city, then the ferry to the Southbank Parklands. Had lunch at The Plough Inn and had a brilliant day both in the park and on the river.Read more

  • Day182


    November 1 in Australia

    A leisurely drive down the sun shine coast to day to Caboolture.

  • Day181

    The Eumumdi markets

    October 31 in Australia

    Well I have just spent the morning looking around these markets ( wow where are my mates when I need them to suffer with me) Bess had a wonderful time meet up with a friend from Perth and we had a lovely meal at one of the pubs there. As all markets there was nothing worth buying but hey Trina and Rae you would of had a ball. Don’t miss it when you guys come back l highly recommend it!!!Read more

  • Day179

    Kenilworth cheese factory.

    October 29 in Australia

    They cheated!! We were allowed to try all their cheeses as much as we liked. We thought it was great but then could not resist some of them well a lot of them!! Keep seeing people saying they will be back well this time I agree these cheeses are beautiful ( maybe we’re hungry will find out over the next few days but should be weeks)Read more

  • Day177

    Trying to find a cauliflower!!!

    October 27 in Australia

    We are driving around different little markets trying to buy a cauliflower, tomatoes, and maybe some silverbeet. Great fun but the Ks a clicking up so they are starting to become expensive. Ah well got to do something today !!😂😂😂. Not a cali in sight!!

  • Day176

    Tin Can bay

    October 26 in Australia

    Called in on Tin Can bay today beautiful!!
    Had brunch there and took a little tiki tour around the place. We will come back to this place next time we pass through ( when we have some time next year). Looks like we can get some R@R here and maybe some fishing. There is also some good spots to visit and maybe stay for a fish. Anyway back in land tonight and look for some local fresh markets tomorrow for so I can make some more cauliflower pickleRead more

  • Day172

    Bunyas mountains

    October 22 in Australia

    Here we are in the Bunyan’s mountains looking at the Bunya pine trees. Absolutely glorious bush / forest. As you can see a very pretty place. They do a dam good coffee at the top in beautiful forested surroundings. The road up here was a good steep one had Bess on the edge of her seat and we have to go down now fun fun fun. Heading to a place down near the bottom has a pub and store that sells all home made goodies. Report on that latter.Read more

  • Day168


    October 18 in Australia

    Putts saving a little for ron!!!

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