The Gypsies

A pair of old gypsies travelling Australia
Living in: Western Australia, Australia
  • Day50

    Nanangan Qld

    June 22 in Australia

    Where??? I hear you say😄 it’s just a tiny little country town in the South Burnett region of Qld. We saw this on WikiCamps as we were making our way towards Kingaroy. An area that Dave is keen on seeing, peanut growing country and Joe Bjelke Petersons old stamping ground.
    Our original plan was to spend the day at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo, but when we arrived there this morning we were told no dogs allowed anywhere within the car parks of the zoo, wether kept inside a vehicle or chained up outside. Of course our darling little dog let fly with a few barks when the car park attendant approached Dave’s window so no hiding her. Very disappointed, as we know we can leave phoebe quite happily for a few hours as long as she has water and it’s not too hot. Oh well another time perhaps.
    So we went into Beerwah, the closest town, and used the local laundromat to catch up on washing. Now here we are in Nanangan with our knickers and stuff hanging out to dry between the trees. 😂😂😂
    As we drove, we saw advertisements for the Woodford Annual Show, starting today, so we stopped in there for a look and stroll around a typical country show. Loved it. Very country and a reminder of what a country show really is, as in Prizes for the best jams, sponges , fruit etc.

    We’ve spent a couple of days driving through some high country and it is so beautiful, mountainous, and green undulating farmland. Dave says some parts are like the farming areas in NZ.
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  • Day43

    Lisa and Guy's

    June 15 in Australia

    Arrived at cousin Lisa's place yesterday. 7 acres on the Albert River, Alberton. Qld. It's lovely here. There is access to the river from the very back of the property. If you're keen, you can catch mud crabs, fish and prawns. Here is a few photos of this property, and some taken of the surrounding area during a walk.

  • Day38


    June 10 in Australia

    We walked the 4k into Mitchell from the campsite and found the little town pretty much deserted. Well it is Sunday after all 😆. The atmosphere of the town is pretty much no atmosphere. 4 or 5 pubs were operating here once upon time. But only two are open now and they both have for sale signs on them. After a wander around the main st of town we had a beer at one of the pubs before walking back to camp. But after chatting to people near us we heard that the they send a shuttle bus out to this camp most days to take people into town so they can shop and enjoy the hot mineral spa that is located in the aquatic center. Its drawn from the artesian basin 1 kilometer below us.Read more

  • Day38

    We are in "Mitchell" Qld

    June 10 in Australia

    After leaving “Old Cork” we came through Longreach a few days ago, a lovely, lively, neat and clean town, very stockman, cowboy orientated. Then onto Charleville, which was a bigger but a much quieter and tired looking town than Longreach.
    We spent two days out on the Ward River, catching up on some washing and Dave tried his hand at fishing, but nothing jumped on his line.
    We got to try out the “Jackstrap”, a small winch for lifting the tyres when the tyre monitor started beeping, telling us we had a flat. It worked a treat and made the job much easier and safer.
    So here we are in “Mitchell” at the Neil Turner Weir, a free camp 4K out of town. Its a brilliant free camp, although we are amongst about 100 others also camping here, but it is a huge area, so we don’t feel overcrowded. We will head into town sometime today for a look at the town named in honour of Dave. 😜😹
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  • Day31

    Boulia and beyond

    June 3 in Australia

    We crossed the border from NT to QLD 2 days ago and eventually arrived in a little outback town called Boulia. We came across on the Plenty Highway and it is the flatest, dustiest, barren country I’ve ever seen. Boulia is a very tiny town but is famous for being the home of the “Min Min” lights. They are green coloured lights that appear out of no where and scare the bejesus out of people. Scientists have never been able to work out why they appear. We went to a show in the Visitors Centre where they tried to recreate what it might be like to encounter them. It was quite good but no photos allowed. This area was once an inland sea and has a fossil museum that was worthy of a visit. We saw bones of creatures that would have been massive and could have weighed up to 250 tons.

    The first video below was taken in the main st of Boulia at a house where they must feed the birds. The noise was incredible from the white cockatoos, enough to drive you crazy.
    The second video was taken from Cawthorne Lookout, the only bit of undulating land we’ve seen for days. Listen to the flies, they are in absolute plaque proportions. Fly nets are a must, 😫
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  • Day26

    Desert Park Alice Springs

    May 29 in Australia

    Phil gave us a free pass, issued to her by her employer, to see the Desert Park, saving us the $64 entry fee. We were really pleased with that, being the tight arses that we are. 😜. As you walk through the park you pass through three diverse desert habitats including sand country, desert rivers and woodland. All the birds, animals and reptiles of the desert can be seen in large enclosures and in the nocturnal house.
    The highlight of the visit was the bird show. The birds are not caged and fly in from the range upon the cue of the trainer.
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  • Day25

    After a couple of days at a Caravan Park catching up on washing and general cleaning, we caught up with Tristan’s parents, Frank and Phil Hali, who kindly had us over for lunch. We went to the Transport Hall with Frank, where there are all sorts of restored cars and trucks. The Truckies Hall of Fame is a tribute to the men, women and machines of the road transport industry.

    The centre is also the home of the “Kenworth” Museum and houses dozens of big trucks, many are brand new and are just here on display.Read more

  • Day23

    A visit to Ormiston Gorge then lunch at “Epilogue Lounge” in the Todd Mall, Alice Springs. The view from the lookout at the gorge was beautiful, looking straight into a swimming hole directly below us. Followed by an excellent lunch in town.

  • Day19

    Kings Canyon

    May 22 in Australia

    Kings Canyon is in the Watarrka National Park. We packed some lunch and did the 6k Rim Walk. The views down into the chasm, 270 metre below, are lovely and the beehive like rock structures are similar to the Bungle Bungles in the Kimberley, but much smaller. We ate lunch at the Garden of Eden, a beautiful water hole about half way through our walk.

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