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  • Day299

    Buenos Aires

    March 1, 2018 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    300 days of vacation-we need a break😋. We’ll be taking a pause from our travels for the month of March, staying in a few Airbnb’s here in the city. We’re excited to study some Spanish, get on a healthier eating and exercise routine, and enjoy exploring this very beautiful city.
    While our first night was rough with the power going out ~6pm and not returning until ~3pm the next day, we’re hopeful that was a fluke (though when you google power outages it seems corruption and poor management mean this isn’t all that uncommon).
    On our second full day we went to a rugby game. We felt like we had to go since the BA team were playing the Wellington team (John’s hometown). It was a fun experience (the NZ team, the Hurricanes, won!) and finding the tickets and the stadium was like a mini treasure hunt.
    Oh...and a funny thing happened on the way to the game...As we exited our Uber at the stadium, we heard someone asking in clumsy Spanish, with a Kiwi accent, 'excuse me, where is gate 2'. They were dressed in Hurricanes gear and lost, like us. We were eating some very delicious empanadas so obviously looked like locals. John cheekily waited a few seconds, took another bite of his empanada, turned around and said "don't worry about it, I don't speak much Spanish either - I'm from Wellington..." Turns out the folks were also Kiwis arrived from Auckland and Peru just for the game!
    Note that it’s unlikely we’ll do any updates until April, so don’t worry about us if you don’t see any activity (we’re talking to you, Danella 😀).
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    Danella Rennie

    I love the updates and thanks for the heads up! You are both having a fabulous time it is amazing

    Rebecca Dobbs

    Go the 'Canes!

    Amanda Steele

    Hope you enjoy your rest as much as I'm enjoying your travels! Hugs and will be looking for some news on tango in April?

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