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  • Day1

    Great Basin National Park

    October 16, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    We've traveled for days avoiding the rain and storm only to have it catch up with us with "high wind advisory" warnings. Having already experienced a Santa Ana wind accident, we'll lay low until the winds relax.

    We spent yesterday in the Great Basin National Park. The park itself was fresh, clean, caulk full of hikes. The idea of the great basin was of interest. All the water that falls in this vast area (covering most of Nevada, 50% of Utah, into CA, Idaho, CO and Mexico) stays in this basin. There are no outlets for the water. Due to the isolation, many species are native only to this place.
    I'm not sure if it was my imagination, but the land around here looks healthier than it has in the past. We stopped at a "ranching exhibit" along the highway and it explained the efforts of science and education to rehabilitate this land from the ranching practices of the past. Could it be true that it is already making a difference?? We also witnessed Global Warning Monitoring sites. I guess not everyone in this Mormon country has their eyes closed.

    Just for the record: We did use our OnStar services yesterday. Although we didn't actually see the accident, we did clear the top of a hillside to witness truck parts flying all over the highway. Two pick-ups had just had a head-on. I stayed with one driver until help (from 70 miles away) finally came. "Might have fallen asleep at the wheel", he said. Both drivers were pinned in the vehicles. I wonder if Shane will ever walk again...........
    The next vehicle would have been us. It's very sobering.

    So today, we're staying out of the wind and planning an early exit tomorrow.
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