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  • Day2

    Vila Madalena

    February 4, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    When I arrived in SP I got the bus from the airport to the metro and then three different changes until I got to Via Madalena. It was exactly like using the London underground but i was still super impressed with myself 😏 ...although it did take nearly two and a half hours to get there!

    I'm staying in Cafe Hostel in Vila Madalena. After settling in I decided to walk round the neighbourhood. It is such a cool part of SP and has a bit of a surfer/ bohemian vibe to it. It doesn't feel dangerous at all or like the concrete jungle I have heard SP be described as. Whilst exploring I stumbled across Baco de Batman or 'Batman's alley' which was full of some incredible street art.

    When I got back to the hostel I just chilled for a bit and read my book until I met three English girls. We chatted and cooked dinner together, spaghetti bolognese. By that point I was completely wiped out from the days travelling and headed off to bed although it took forever to actually get to sleep because of how noisy it was.
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