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  • Day645

    Mancora revisited

    February 20, 2018 in Peru ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    After being uninspired on first entry into Peru we decided to head to the beach town of Mancora where we had spent a very happy few days 13 years ago, last time we were in Peru! It didn't disappoint, although it has been built up quite a lot. We found a great hotel where we could park and use all the facilities including the pool - funnily enough it was right on the spot on the beach we used to go last time we were here.

    We eventually tore ourselves away continued south to a little town that been recommended to us back in Colombia because of its amazing museum, and it was incredible. It shows the tombs that they found of 2 Sipan lords who were buried with the most amazing gold, silver and copper jewelry. This is proper buried treasure, not to mention the lords' wives, child, priest, head warrior, dog and llama! (Sorry no photos allowed.) These were all things that they though they would be needed in the after life.

    After ANOTHER trip to a mechanic - the sound was back and this time they said the suspension.... we were forced to spend the night at a truck stop... Which actually wasn't all that bad - I've definitely had worst nights sleep. We headed to another amazing pre-Incan site in Trujillo called Huaca de le Luna. It was inhabited by the Moche people, who did a lot of human sacrifice (too much rain, not enough rain, etc!) which went hand in hand with a sophisticated social and artesanal society. We saw the famous reed canoes on the beach and spent an enjoyable afternoon eating ice cream and drinking beer with a friendly bar owner on the square we free camped on.

    We got up at sunrise as we were determined to try and get gas (propane). We arrived at the plant and after 20 mins (FYI that's really quick) were allowed to drive in where they filled our tank no problem! Hallelujah! This us a very big deal as it is very hard to find a place that will fill a fixed tank, and we were running on fumes. Cold beer for another month :)
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