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  • Day760

    This is England,... Actually No - Chile

    June 15, 2018 in Chile ⋅ 🌙 7 °C

    It was wierd coming into Chile after spending so longer in countries of varying (i.e. low) levels of development. My yankee friends won't like me saying this but I found the US a lot less modern that you would expect, but compared to everything else it was the most like home.... until we got to Chile!

    Firstly the weather - we're now on the western side of one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world and bordered by the coast, so unsurprisingly it's wet. It's not wet like the east coast of the states, where we'd never seen such powerful storms, but wet in the depressingly British sort of way. Grey clouds are the norm at this time of year, along with drizzle to heavy rain, reminding me of aqua-planing along the M6 (fortunately both Mol & Lynds were passed out after a rough night in hospital when Lyndsey shattered her ankle at Toby's wedding down south).

    Secondly the prices were a bit of a shock to the system - petrol isn't that far off UK prices (but at least someone pumps it for you). We're finding we can't justify eating out, even an empanada (think of a small cornish pasty) costs more than a 3 course menu-del-día in most countries, and a pint is nearly as eye watering as at home (normally a beer out is only fractionally above a beer from a shop, double at most - I can only wish that was true at home, or in the states).

    Lastly, we walk into the local supermarket and are stunned to see a Tesco's section. Although slightly more wierd is the fact only a single product was recognisable from home. The beer section (not Tesco branded) was much more familiar, and we took good advantage of the Adnams beer on special offer, and my personal all-time favourite of Wychwood's Hobgoblin ale :)

    Its funny as when we drove into Argentina we said it reminded us of the US, but I wasn't expecting this of Chile and it's certainly not what we want when our final journey home is looming ominously large on the horizon.
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    You look great, Jo!


    You do look great. I loved Chile when I was there


    That was Diane Carter. I just realized my name has not been on my post. These computers know everything else, just figured it knew it was me!😂