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  • Day17

    Ready to go back home!

    July 25, 2018 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Our final day in Quito, Ecuador! All bags are packed and in half an hour we head to the airport where we plan to have lunch as soon as we are checked in. Im looking forward of going home, not that it hasn't been a pleasent adventure but I wanna get going on my everyday life again. Did my garden survive the drought? Can we find a bed for Viggo's room? Is it too early to contact contractors about the floor in the basement? And my summer course! I wanna study some more!

    So mentally i guess we are all prepared to go back home! Here is a list about the 3 things i find weirdest about Ecuador:
    1) They have allegadly the best coffee in the world. They only drink Nescafé.
    2) Their doorknobs are placed next to the wall so when you try to close the doors you will end up bruising your knuckles. All the time!
    3) You can see the stars at night even though Quito is an almost 2 million city. I have always told the kids the reason we cant see the stars at home is because we live in a city and the city lights make it impossible. Apparently I am wrong. I feel cheated. ☺️

    Adiós querida Ecuador! Hasta luego!
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