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  • Day83


    June 29, 2015 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    The Camino is an amazing place. The walking is challenging, but beautiful and full of magic. Each day we walk, meeting and talking with people along the way. We all seem to have the same challenges of hurt feet and knees and everyone helps each other get through. It's a huge bond that develops between everyone. If we stop at the side of the trail everyone who passes asks if we are okay and if we need anything. We all help each other, sharing remedies, water, and food. Local Spanish people that we pass along the way are equally helpful and friendly. At each town people stop, sitting at the local cafe for a quick break, sharing tables and stories. During the evenings we go to the local cafe for a meal; our table of two quickly turns into a table of ten with people pulling up chairs and joining us for dinner in multiple languages and cultures. It is truly incredible!
    Yesterday as we walked into Burgos we met an old Spanish man at a confusing section of the trail. He was there helping to guide pilgrims down the correct path. A short time later, at another confusing area a different old man helped us. Again, ten miles closer to town an old man stopped us and guided us into the busy city, through a parade and right to the door of our stop for the evening! All the way through town he spoke in Spanish to us, with me understanding the gist of the conversation and Erin holding a conversation with him. It was wonderful.

    We are on day 11 now. When we arrived in Burgos yesterday, we were just in time for the San Pedro festival. Last night and today we watched the incredible festivities, ate amazing food, and walked around the beautiful church and city. We are enjoying a rest day today as the festival continues. This is am amazing and fascinating journey!

    To all of you at home, we love you dearly! And to Lilly -wow! your amazing little notes of inspiration have really helped us during our challenging moments! Love to you all! !!
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