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  • Day4


    June 16, 2018 in France ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    Today was overcast and cool along the French coast in Normandy.
    Of all things, we started our day off by eating at the "Golden Arches." The French version isn't very different than the USA, but there are subtle differences. The biggest complant is "no ice" in the drinks.
    We then toured Lounges-sur-Mur. This location has several large German gun emplacements, two of the 155mm guns were still in place. This unit did very little damage as it surrendered the day after "D-day."
    Omaha beach memorial -this is my second visit and it still moves me. 10's of thousands, on both sides gave thier lives in that first few days. The museum is very entertaining and explains the events in the two years leading up to D-day.
    When touring the US Cemetery, located just up the Omaha beach, what catches your eye is the number of crosses (Cross, Star of David, etc.) It seems like it goes on forever.
    The cemetery is just east of St. Laurent-sur-Mer. The site covers 172.5acres and contains the graves of over 9,000 American War Dead, most of whom died during the landings and ensuing operations.
    We next visited Sainte-mere-Eglise, got lunch and took pictures around the church. This city is so commercized that it tends to lose its importance.
    We drove to Pont du Hoc. This site is covered in craters from bombs delivered by US aircraf. The importance of this site for the Germans was the main lookout for the southern Normandy beaches.
    We finished the day with dinner in Bayeux
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