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  • Day4

    Taniwha Cave

    August 9, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    An inspiring day out in the Paparoa National Park, beginning with a beatiful walk in through the rain forest and an excitig zipline down into the gorge. The rain was pouring, accentuating the beauty of the rainforest, with water falls puring into the gorge. Tube rafting down the rapids in the gorge was the mode of transport to the caves, where once inside the ceiling was lit by millions of tiny glowworms, always a magical sight. Each tiny larvae on its own territory, glowing like the night sky. The name of this cave is a Maori word for monster or dragon, and these entities can disguise themselves as natural objects. Lodged higher up in the cave where we did not venture is a large log, could this be where the cave got its name ? Walking out of the gorge it was impossible not to be moved by how accessible it is to connect with the natural world in NZ.Read more

    Spring Wanderer

    Lovely pic!

    Spring Wanderer

    Great pic, but what is it!? Time lapse of drips, glowworms on strings of gloop, or what?

    Joan Pettingill