Abbaye Saint-Pierre de la Couture

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    • Day29

      LE MANS

      November 4, 2022 in France ⋅ 🌙 7 °C

      Wir kommen abends an und schlafen vor den Kloster L’Épau. Morgens marschieren wir Richtung Bus und fahren mit der Linie 6 ins Zentrum. Bei der Endstation steigen wir aus und stärken uns einmal bei McDonald's mit einem Hamburger.
      Wir beobachten dort eine Weile das lustige Treiben, es herrscht Hektik da es mittags ist.
      Dann gehen wir ca 10 Minuten um die Kathedrale zu besichtigen, welche ein wunderbares Flair hat.
      Die umliegenden Häuser sind historisch und besonders reizend anzusehen.
      Nach vier Stunden kehren wir müde in unseren Peppi zurück und ich koche uns Hendlschnitzel mit Kartoffelsalat.
      Dann gibt's wieder die allabendliche Kartenpartie, die ich wieder einmal verliere. Morgen werden wir le mons noch weiter erobern.
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    • Day48

      Le Mans

      October 28, 2022 in France ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      So into Le Mans in daylight today after a night time soireé yesterday. Beautiful weather today so sleeveless tops and shorts!
      Headed straight for Plantagenet Cité - it did not disappoint! So so pretty!
      The houses of ‘Green’ ‘Red’ and ‘White’ pillars along with the House of Clefs!
      Ronnie basked in the Fontaine du Jet d'Eau as we coiffed a couple of vin rouge. So wonderful to sit out on an autumn afternoon enjoying the wonders that this country has to show us.
      Back to base at Camping Le Pont Romain for our second night and bbq’d burgers are on tonight’s dinner menu.
      Northwards tomorrow but who knows where……
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      get your rain gear ready.....


      looks s very old city bit like ancient style by some photos betty pretty to

    • Day48

      A surprise visit to Le Mans

      November 19, 2021 in France ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

      We had another good nights sleep in the car park at Mont St Michael, there were only 6 other motorhomers there and we parked up the other end. As the sun came up and the sky turned pink I was tempted to send the drone back to get more pictures but I didn’t want to tempt fate and left it in the end.
      At 10:30am we left and took a 110mile drive south to the city of Le Mans.
      We arrived at 12:30 and I had already plotted a motorhome airè right in the heart of the city and TomTom took us straight there. On arrival there was a prat walking down the middle of the road in the car park so I slowly passed him and at the end of the airè there was one parking space left so I swung Wanda out to back in and let the walking idiot pass but instead he decided to kick Wanda thinking I was going to cut him off. Then he came around the drivers side and started mouthing off. My body wanted to jump out and deck the guy but my brain said just smile say sorry and leave it, so that’s what I did but the guy was definitely spoiling for a row and wandered off muttering don’t you know this is France in french and waving his arms.
      We stayed in Wanda for 30 minutes and had lunch and it didn’t look like he was feeling brave enough to come back so we locked her up and went into the city.
      It’s nothing like we imagined, old houses made with huge timbers and cobbled streets. There was even graffiti from 1766 on a doorway. It was really beautiful and because we arrived at lunchtime there were very few people so I got lots of photos of the empty streets.
      From there we headed to the cathedral and we were blown away by it’s size and beauty on the inside and outside. As we were walking around taking photos a funeral started and all the bells on all the churches in the city started ringing. It really was something special to witness.
      From there we went to the museum which again was free entry, just like the parking and the cathedral. The museum had a whole section deep in the basement on ancient Egypt and each room had been made to look like tombs and we had the audio guide which told us all about it. It was a great place.
      At 4pm we got back to Wanda and I’d already found a quiet little airè about 15 miles away in the town of Bonnètable so we headed for there and all the while the traffic was building up. It was obviously school closing and being a Friday I would think that some businesses shut early to so I was grateful to get to the airè in one piece with no hiccups except for a wrong turn into a dead end.
      We paid our €10 to gain entry, filled up with water and then hooked up. It is set to be a cold night so we’re glad to have the electric heater on. Then we made beef noodles, I had a shower with a newly filled fresh water and then we watched a pretty pink sunset and a huge full moon rise over the town before settling down for the night.
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    • Day428

      Day 429: A Long Drive North

      April 19, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Said our goodbyes to the hosts and set off on another long drive north. After a couple of hours, our first stop was the town of Le Mans, famous for its 24-hour car race. It's actually a street race, and since they were starting to set up in preparation, we got to drive on a few parts of the track which was quite cool. The main circuit area was being used by motorbikes though, as there was a race happening this weekend.

      Briefly visited the museum but it was 10 euros per head, so decided to skip and hopped back in the car.

      Another couple of hours north, avoiding toll roads this time, and we finally arrived at the coast. Our B&B is basically another granny flat, a bit older but will be comfortable enough while we visit Mont San Michel. Our host mentioned that the car park there is free after 7pm, so we decided to explore a couple of local spots and then head over.

      We drove for another 45 minutes into Brittany, where we visited the town of Cancale, famous for oysters. A dozen oysters for 6 euros was a pretty good deal, so we got two dozen and ate them overlooking the harbour. Tried to find a crepe place as well since Brittany is the home of crepes, but couldn't find anywhere open and with decent prices! Instead we just had an aperitif and a couple of snacks, all served by the snootiest French waiter we've had on the whole trip. Whatever dude.

      Drove the 45 minutes back around the bay to Mont San Michel, parked in the car park and had a quick look at the castle/town from across the bay. It's an impressive sight, but too far away for really good photos from a camera, sadly. We'll go a lot closer tomorrow!
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      Trish Forrester

      They look big! Did you have to schuck them yourselves?

      Trish Forrester

      A much more triangular shape than the British version I think

    • Day4

      Day 4 - St-Malo to Le Mans, 20 miles

      April 19, 2016 in France ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

      (plus 150 miles by train)

      Part 2

      After getting off the train at Le Mans first thing I noticed was jump in temperature. Feeling a lot more summer! Accommodation for the night was a small guesthouse 15 miles south of Le Mans but first was a quick visit to the Le Mans race track. Thinking it will be a quick photo outside I soon realised that apart from the main grandstand straight the rest is on public roads. 7 miles later (did not realise one lap was this far) I came back to the start finish straight and although it's not been verified yet I'm pretty sure it was the fastest lap by a balding twat from Luton on a push bike! Great experience and another tick boxing day.

      Onto accommodation and another lovely guesthouse and after arriving starving and my a restaurant in sight they could not have been more helpful and whipped me up a ham and cheese baguette. I swear the French eat nothing else. My jambon and fromage baguette count in 4 days is already 6.

      Fully carbed up it was time for bed.
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    • Day3

      Le Mans- die erste

      June 3, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

      Am Nachmittag gab es noch einen Ausflug nach Le Mans. Bisher wusste ich über die Stadt nur, dass sie irgendetwas mit Autorennen zu tun hat. Eine spannende Altstadt mit imposanter Kathedrale - die leider schon geschlossen war. Das heißt wohl, dass ich nochmal wiederkommen 'muss'.Read more

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