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  • Some Final Thoughts

    May 12 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Great trip. Eye-opening. The three major religions are tied collectively in history and in culture and in stories, from prophets that cross religious boundaries and that are mirrored across religions, to locales that have served them each and for which battles have been fought, to the ways in which people have to live together and that people choose to live together. Not always peacefully. This isn’t new news, but seeing it up close makes a difference.

    Which is why I choose to travel, and guides make a difference.

    Murad – or “Mo” as he is known – our A&K tour director in Jordan, is a social connector, a gracious host, warm and smiling, and a fount of knowledge. He anticipated and addressed issues as they arose while teaching us about the beautiful country and history of Jordan. He shared shisha with us.

    Mordechai – or “Moody” as we called him – our A&K tour director in Israel, is a brilliant student of history, of the three major religions (and some minor ones too), of the books and stories on which they are based, of the landmarks they shared and battled over (and sometimes still battle over). He threw in references to European history and 20th century architecture. He has a wry sense of humor.

    I was lucky enough to travel with a group of folks who were friendly, experienced, interested, and interesting. We became friends.

    Favorite places? Petra. Masada. Jerusalem. Tel Aviv.

    If you can, go see the holy land and its ancient wonders and modern cities.

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