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  • Day3

    Carson the snitch

    August 19, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 36 °C

    You may notice that our lovely car is not in the photo. That is because he is in “time out.” As we were driving today, he kept beeping every time we got close to the edge of our lane. This led to interrupted conversations, rudely terminated naps, and embarrassed drivers. He has developed this horrible habit of snitching on us as we avoid large trucks creeping into our lanes, swerving to obstacles in the road, and it seems anytime that he felt ignored. It got so bad today that both of us burst out with “snitch” when he beeped. So, Carson is timing out this evening.

    Oh... Carson? How did he get that name? Might it have something to do with Kit Carson? Or any one of a number of other Carsons listed in Wikipedia? Or perhaps with Carson City or the surrounding features named Carson? Aaaahhhhhhh...... I’ll go ask Heather, maybe she remembers.

    We are now safe and sound at the Shreveport KOA. Thank goodness that our geezermobile has a air conditioner. It is 99 outside and feels like 109. If you get out a magnifying glass you can see the KOA logo in the photo.
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    Bonnie Benedict

    Well hopefully Carson will think about his inappropriate behavior while in time out and do better tomorrow.

    Geezers in Paradise

    We certainly hope so.


    Maybe Carson could lower his volume? Still do his job, nut be less intrusive?

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