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    • Day35

      Athens Running Tour

      May 30 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 72 °F

      Ran 6.2 km this morning with a guide and a couple from Latvia. We ran around the Acropolis, to the Olympic stadium and through the national gardens. Our guide was actually a very good marathon runner. He ran the classic Athens Marathon in 2 hours 30 minutes. - SeanRead more


      great experience!


      Makes perfect sense on a running tour, but that's so cool you got to go the Olympic Stadium!! I had to force our tour bus to stop and let me see the stadium when I was there!


      We ran around behind the stadium. Our guide said a lot of people come to exercise there.

    • Day23


      August 28 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

      Today at 5h30 the 98th Comrades marathon got underway. Still in Athens Shirley had a bit of FOMO but we did have a full itinerary ahead of us. The early start was a short 2 klm walk to the ancient Olympic stadium where the plan was to run 🏃‍♂️ on the track. The stadium is so impressive in exceptional condition and completely made out of marble. The stadium is huge and holds 80000 spectators. The bends at the two ends are shorter meaning the straights are a lot longer giving an oblong look to the perfect track. we had fun running and standing on the podium. The museum of the Olympic stadium was not fully open when we arrived. The impressive main auditorium, accessed up a tunnel carved into the rock, has private rooms leading off it, each dedicated to each 4 year games event. The story of the distance of the marathon was interesting, it was Originally 40 klm long and the distance decided by the distance run by the Greek soldier in 490bc. Pheidippides ran in full armour from Marathon to Athens to tell of the Greek victory over the Persians and then dropped dead from exhaustion. At the 1908 games in London the Queen wanted the start to be at Windsor Castle, which added the extra distance to make the race 42.195 klm. Shirley stood at the top of the podium. Great start to the day, we had a coffee and headed to the free 3 hour guided tour. The guides name was Stefan a French man exported from Paris to Athens as he puts it. The walk was filled with excellent commentary and information from this lively little man, What a great way to explore a city Changing of the guards was precisely executed but it’s the background info that really makes it memorable. The Guards are all doing their national service. Being a ceremonial guard is a one year stint and it’s considered very prestigious. The guards stand absolutely still like a human statue for 1 hour at a time. They may not move a muscle and stare straight ahead, if the guard wants to make a report they stamp their rifle and the commander then approached,stands in front and asks questions. The guard answers by blinking 1 is yes 2 is no and 3 is I don’t know. The 8 klm guided walk covered so many sights and went by quickly. 🤨 midday heat and a short rest was followed by wine and beers on an iconic hill, Areopagus, watching the sun set and the Parthenon lighting up. Our first home made meal of the weekend was a toasted sandwich and then falling into bed .Read more

    • Day21


      August 26 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      It was up at 6 and goodbye Corfu our walk across the island was completed, now for a chance to experience some Greek mythology in Athens. The incongruities of rules were waiting at the airport. We checked in and I was told to take my backpack to the oversize counter ( and pay) needless to say I ignored this and walked to the security check carefully removing the flight tags in order to carry on. I was stopped and told to unpack : a small jar of honey a gift tin of olive oil, bottle of water ,some sun block and two jars of Shirley’s makeup cream were deemed unsafe and confiscated but my leatherman knife was ok. Crazy. The metro trip from Athens airport to city centre was 55 min and cost 13 euro we then bought a 5 day all transport ticket for another 8 each at last a rand bargain. Our apartment in central Athens is spacious and central and having a washing machine (with powder ) meant a real clean for our 3 sets of clothing. Scott and Fran arrived and a visit to Lycabettus hill was planned. Lycabettus hill came to be when Athena a Greek god who was helping build Athens, dropped a rock and it landed outside Old Athens. The two gods Poseidon and Athena were competing to be chosen as the god of choice by the people. Athena offered a olive branch and Poseidon a bowl of water and Athena was chosen hence the name Athens. The hill is the highest point in Athens with a 360 degree view of the city and is favourite for sunsets. Couples often climb the steps to propose as the sun hits the horizon. The spectacular sight of Athens from the top is breathtaking. There is a small chapel ( and a very expensive restaurant) at the top the chapel is dedicated to Agio Georgious., the saint whom the two towns we visited in Corfu were named after. There are many steps up and many steps down. Halfway down sitting on a low wall watching the orange ball of the sun sink, accompanied by an Athens feral cat was a great place to share a bottle of red wine.Read more

    • Day22


      August 27 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      Saturday morning of history and gods is behind us . We are all ready for the food tour . The early start and long walk in the homes of gods and kings has left us HANGRY.,……. The Greek food of Athens has many ways of increasing the activity of our saliva glands. The amazing conflicting aromas are all over and in every street. The economy of Greece seems totally dependent on the tourists that frequent the Tavernas, Bars and Restaurants and buy tickets to see broken weather worn rocks of the long dead. So good food is important and essential. There are streets for shops selling spices, prepared meats and artifices, clothing There are meat and fish markets . Coffee shops everywhere. The bakeries have bread cake croissants ice cream. You can get a beer or a coke on every corner. We started at a coffee shop making traditional Greek coffee roasting the strong syrup in hot sand. I learnt by unpleasant mistake that bottom of the cup must be avoided as the grounds are like mud. The butcher was like a shop in a colourful movie, displaying Salami’s handing from the ceiling and displays of cold meats of every description. Sitting in a cozy 5 table sampling nook at the back of the shop we ordered a platter with cold local beer. Sadly we had to go out into the noon 🌞 far to soon. The market was streets products from fresh fruit to fish. The butchers section, with the owners using cleavers on cutting blocks and whole animals hanging in the windows is not recommended for Vegetarians and the fresh vegetable and fruit section alive with colour and greenery would turn a carnivores tummy. There were trays of Octopus, Squid, prawns and all types of fish on ice. The quantities are huge and variety almost to much for choosing. The plan was lunch at a special place that chooses the best in the market and then prepared it but we were tasting at every different store and there was no space left for lunch. Home for a late afternoon siesta was now the priority. After a shower a trip to the docks and then a takeaway Gyro for dinner ended a huge dayRead more

      Whew...looks so nice. [CINDY]

    • Day60

      Uns gehts soweit gut!

      September 27, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

      Uns gehts gut, wir sind seit gestern Nacht nicht mehr auf Kreta. Das Erdbeben hat uns verpasst. Bericht von Kreta folgt, wenn wir endlich mal etwas Schlaf bekommen nach der 24-Stunden Fahrt😘

      Wszystko w porządku, nie byliśmy na Krecie od zeszłej nocy. Trzęsienie ziemi nas ominęło. Relacja z Krety pojawi się, gdy po całodobowej jeździe w końcu się prześpimy😘
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      Vernünftiger Haarschnitt Mr. Steen 😉


      Wollte mal nachempfinden wie das so ist 😜


      Super. troszkę Wam zazdroszczę. a ja szaleję w ogrodzie, kosze trawę itp. ściskam Was mocno, i wszystkiego dobrego. buziaki.

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    • Day31

      Samstag Alimos Marina

      November 5 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Wir sind zurück. Kurz vor Vollmond bin ich losgesegelt und kurz vor Vollmond gebe ich Achileas ohne einen blauen Flecken wieder ab. Eine defekte Abwasserpumpe entpuppte sich als Motorschaden, den wir nicht zu verantworten haben.
      Am gestrigen Tag haben wir ausgeschlafen, sehr gut gefrühstückt und das türkise Wasser mit unseren Körpern aufgewertet. Ein letzter jauchzender Sprung und es ist vorbei.
      Nun ..., was bleibt noch zu sagen? Vier geile Wochen liegen in meinem Kielwasser. Tobias, Klemens, Klaus, Volker, Christoph, Silvio und Freddy begleiteten mich. Hey ..., ihr Seemänner, ihr wart toll und ich möchte nicht einen von euch missen. Ihr wart das Salz in der Suppe dieser Reise und ich hoffe, euch mal wieder zu sehen. Nicht zu vergessen sind meine Follower, die mich immer wieder mit tollen witzigen Randbemerkungen überraschten.
      Ich freue mich auf Sonntag, wieder daheim bei meiner tollen Frau zu sein, ohne die ich ein Nichts wäre.
      Ich sage Danke an alle, bleibt gesund und

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      Ich kann mich deinen Ausführungen nur anschließen. Es war, mit deiner Führung, ein toller Törn. Obwohl wir nicht ( wie Crew 2) das Boot renoviert haben, werden wir diese Reise so schnell nicht vergessen. Bis bald.


      Leider haben wir nur zwei Wochen Zeit gehabt. Sonst wären wir ganz fertig geworden.😉


      Danke für die tollen ereignisreichen Berichte und Bilder. Kommt gut und gesund nach Hause. [Uli]

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    • Day2

      Freitag Athen

      October 7 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Zum Glück gibt's heute nicht viel zu erzählen. Alles funzte wie geplant. Ich habe in einem Supermarkt 4 Einkaufswagen gefüllt. Diese werden mir am Samstag gegen 16:00 Uhr zur Yacht gebracht. Ich war auch schon beim Vercharterer und hab den Vertrag unterschrieben, sowie die Kaution von 3000 € hinterlegt. Jetzt liege ich auf meinem Bett und werde, dank des sehr guten Wlans in meinem Appartement, Netflix leersaugen.Read more

      Nach dem missglückten Start geht es doch jetzt bergauf. Weiter so... [Uli]




      Damit machst du dir aber an der Kasse keine Freunde. 😳


      An der Kasse nicht. Aber der Chef ist um 600 Euronen reicher.

    • Day28

      The Main Event. I Made It To The Top!

      June 16 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Hi there, only two more days in my trip left. After my nutritious and delicious breakfast, I throw on the sunscreen and head out for the tourist highlight of my trip. Yes, I am going to climb (well, walk but I’m sure it will feel like a climb!) up to the Acropolis in Athens. If you check the definition (I already did for you) acropolis means a citadel of ancient Greece. Hence, you have to name the city. If you go back to the beginning in Rhodes, I talk about the acropolis in Lindros.

      Okay, I’ll stop being analytical. It is bright sunshine and a little warm (26o C). I grab a bottle of water and set off. My Google Maps says 15 minutes. I am starting realize that Google Maps is a little subjective. I say this because 15 minutes is actually 25 minutes and that is to the bottom of the acropolis. The stairs up to it is another 20 minutes (exertion breaks included to gulp water!).
      The walkway up has olive trees and what may have been shops where merchants sold their wares and lived. Today it is a pleasant place to get out of the sun and buffers you from the noise of a modern-day city.

      So, after making it to the top, I am quite proud of myself. Yes, there are plenty of other people here but I’m still proud I made it.

      One of the first sites you come upon is the Theatre of Dionysos. This is a large open-air theatre can hold up to 5000 people (bring your own seat cushion!) This is where ancient plays were performed. Today they actually have performances here as well. I bet the acoustics are great. (I included a photo of this summers performances)

      At the top of hill, you see The Temple of Athena Nike. A small but important temple where women of day who were pregnant would go to bring offerings for a successful pregnancy. The view from up here is as well. Athens is really a very large city. I know that sounds silly, but I have been on islands for the past month where population of the major town was 10,000 people. Athens has over 3 million people.

      Back on track now. The walkway up here is marble and very slippery, even when there is no rain! I am very careful of my footing because I’m not sure how they get a stretcher up here. The imposing structure behind me, otherwise know as the Parthenon it massive. You are not allowed inside it but you can walk around it. You have to wonder how the marble slabs were erected. I’m sure it is somewhere on Google. Built between 447 and 437 BC it stands almost 14 meters high and is 73 meter long and 34 meters wide. The columns are ‘slices’ of marble that are carved and then placed one on top of the other. It is not hugely busy when I’m there so I can take my time and wander back in my mind to flowing robes, gold jewelry and educated people wandering around doing their day-to-day business.

      As I wander around, I look off into the distance. There is a monument quite far away. I later check on line to find out it is the Monument of Filopappos, who was a prominent consul and administrator of the time. I don’t know if my pictures do it justice, but you can come here and check it out. (Hint, there is climbing involved!).
      Another word of warning is that there is no shade up here. If it rains, you and your camera equipment get wet. There is also no amenities like a bathroom or water, there are at the bottom of the hill, so be prepared. After I get my fill of history, I head back down slowly. (Marble is just as slippery going down). I make it to the bottom and am in need of food and drink.

      On my way home I find a restaurant called El Greco. It is not too busy and it has shade. I have a nice meal with a salad and souvlaki with a glass of wine. There wine here is very good. I always ask for a local wine and have never been disappointed. I head home for a shower and some much needed rest.
      Read more


      Great ending to an amazing trip!!


      Great pictures, I can only imagine how many more you have!!

    • Day17


      September 27 in Greece ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

      Zum zweiten Mal auf dieser Reise sind wir in Piräus, dem Stadthafen von Athen. Von hier aus ging es für uns vor knapp 2 Wochen bereits mit der Nachtfähre nach Kreta. ⛴ daher bleibt das Zentrum Athens heute unbetreten.

      Zum Tagesstart gibt’s wieder einen Morgenkaffee auf dem Außendeck. Das Schiff leert sich, alle zieht es vermutlich gen Akropolis. Gut für uns, denn das Fitnessstudio haben wir dann für uns alleine 💪

      Seit Reisebeginn haben wir grob überschlagen 60 Minuten TV geschaut. In 15 davon lief vor einigen Tagen zufällig eine Kurzdoku über das recht neue Kulturzentrum Athens, dem Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

      Das Arial beherbergt neben einem großen Park auch die griechische Nationaloper und -Bibliothek. 📚 es liegt südlich des Stadtkerns, im Viertel Kallithea.

      Es bietet sich also geradezu an, das Gesehene aus dem TV auch in der Realität zu betrachten.

      Per Tram reisen wir an, schauen uns ein wenig um und nehmen vom Aussichtsdeck nochmal den Blick auf die Akropolis mit. Sieht mit seinem Dach schon ganz nett aus 👌

      Mit Einsetzen des Regens fahren wir mit der T7 zurück nach Piräus. Von dort gilt es dann noch 25 Minuten Fußweg durch den schönen Stadtkern zurückzulegen (Ironie aus 😝). Um nicht nur schöne Bilder zu dokumentieren, gibt’s auch hiervon eine kleine ungeschönte Auswahl 🤣.

      Morgen liegt ein Seetag vor uns. Die Fahrzeit ist nötig, um uns aus Griechenlands Teil des Mittelmeeres in einen anderen zu bringen… 🛳 Kristin startet bereits mit der groben Recherche 📖
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      Gegen den Strom tut manchmal auch gut :)

    • Day3

      Day One ,The Saronic day cruise

      October 3, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 61 °F

      Up early and down to a quick breakfast. Then onto the bus for the first tour. Boarded an elegant day steamer named Hydraiki , for a three isle Greek cruise. Islands of the Saronic..12 hours of cool stuff.

      Siting with my family and a friendly co rider on Cosmos named Cheryle having a Greek Coffee with Kahlua.

      First port was Hydra. Like walking in a painting,
      Clean and fresh on the sea, the waters were like Alaska waters. shopped a little and took some striking pics. Blues and whites that overwhelms the senses. All the vendors were warm and spoke English. Would escape here if I could, getting off this crazy times. When we returned a symptoms buffet was served. I did not eat...still full from breakfast.

      Poros was our second stop and a less touristy. More like a rich man's island.
      Lots of ferry's and yachts. I did have a Greek vegan gelato...awesome. A quick stop, only 45 minutes.
      Now to Island 3...

      Aegina our last port was lovely if you want to outdoor dine, about a mile of bistros of Greek Food lined across the harbour. Most shops closed...they have a siesta time closure.
      Aegina is a jet setters port.

      Family medical issues meet for action.
      Put plan into action. (No more will be mentioned).

      Back to the hotel late..dining and having a Greek salad
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