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  • Day25

    Mitten drin...

    October 23 in Greece

    ... Statt nur dabei 😃 nach dem ich zuerst dachte, ach du Schande in welchem Ghetto bin ich hier gelandet. Hat sich im Laufe des schlenderns durch die Stadt gezeigt, was es noch für schöne Ecke gibt. Hab in einem mega schönen Restaurant/Bar Mittag gegessen und hab die Griechen beobachtet 😉

  • Day16

    The Acropolis

    November 4 in Greece

    What a day! We walked to the Acropolis and climbed up to the top with thousands of others. During the off season the first Sunday in each month is free to go into the Acropolis. We had bought a pass for several sites anyway, but the masses turned out for the first free Sunday today. There is so much more to the site than the Parthenon...much more than I ever realized. We visited the ruins of the ancient temple of Dionysis and the Theatre of Dionysis, which is quite well in tact. As we gradually climbed the hill, we came to the Odeum of Herodea Atticus, another theatre, larger and very impressive. Continuing up we went by the Temple of Athena Nike near the magnificent entrance to the top level. There, of course, is the Parthenon, an absolutely huge structure and one of the most recognized in the world. Near it is the Temple dedicated to Athena and Poseidon.
    The walk down from the Acropolis was most interesting because of the crowd. A waiting line 15 people wide had to merge onto a stairway, 3 people wide, so it took quite a long time, but everyone was patient as we inched our way along and then down the stairs and the slope.
    We headed for the Ancient and Roman Agoras, located end to end. You need to use some imagination to picture the marketplaces that once were situated there. We had lunch right next to the Roman Agora, in an outside cafe and tried to absorb the ancient vibes. We then walked through the Agora. One building still standing there is the Tower of Winds. A church on the grounds has been turned into a museum for recognizing the international archeological groups who have contributed to the work done in Greece.
    Through the day we had gotten farther and farther from home, so the walk back took quite a while. We went along one of the main shopping streets, closed to traffic, and full of people, which surprised us on a Sunday. This one street had to be at least a kilometre long, and there were lots of others crossing it as well.
    On our return, we took a glass of wine up to the rooftop patio and enjoyed the view of the Acropolis as the sun was setting. An appropriate way to end our day in Athens.
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  • Day15

    On to Athens

    November 3 in Greece

    We flew to Athens today from Paros. I had to take a picture of the departure area at the Paros airport. The grey door on the left leads to the one scanning machine and another lounge on the other side about the same size...smallest airport ever, I think, but chatting with a couple there who have gone there a long time, it is bigger than it used to be.
    We navigated the Athens Metro system and a short uphill walk to get to our Airbnb, within the area of the Acropolis. We are quite disappointed in the city itself. The part we are in is run down, graffiti everywhere, sidewalks broken up. Not very appealing. Of course, you can see the Acropolis and the temple of Zeus from the rooftop patio of our building, so there are some redeeming qualities.
    We walked to Hadrian's Arch which sits right near the Temple of Zeus. The Temple was begun in 515 BC but was not finished until Hadrian did so in 131 BC. Some columns are still standing and they are huge!! The whole structure was as long as a football field, but not quite as wide.
    We also visited the Panathenaic Stadium, home to the modern era Olympic Games. It is a magnificent stadium, built totally of stone, seats and all, reconstructed on the site of an ancient stadium for the 1896 games, the first of the modern era. It could hold 68,000 people. I won my event, as you can see from the picture. Dave won his as well, but was too tired to climb the podium.
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  • Day562


    October 29 in Greece

    Well here we are just south of Athens, on the north coast of Aigina. The winds in Sifnos were strong Wednesday night into Thursday morning and during the day and initially were blowing us onto the quay but we winched up on the anchor and things were OK, the wind then changed direction so all was good, though still gusting strongly. Met a crowd of youngsters on boat next door, 2 of the 6 had experience but one of them had had to return to Athens for a few days and the remaining experienced guy was getting worried about getting the others back to Athens for their flights on Saturday. He wanted to leave on Thursday afternoon but it was still gusting force 8. We expected them to leave early Friday but they were still there when we left about 9 and we kept looking back but think they may have decided that a ferry from Sifnos would be easier than a very long day at sea.
    We travelled from Sifnos up the east coast of Serifos to end up on the NW corner of Kythnos just above the harbour it was a beautiful sheltered quiet anchorage on the east side of a sand bar. I have just looked for photo but can’t find it, very irritating. On Friday we were amazed at how clear the air was, the visibility was incredible. On the way to Sifnos we had been unable to see the island until we were a couple of miles off but when we left we could see East to Syros and Paros and west to the mainland of the Peloponnese.
    From Kythnos we headed back towards Olympic Marina on the mainland via the southern tip of Kea and Makronisis, to get fuel. We stopped off on the west coast of Makronisis, for what John says will be his last swim of the year, and to look more closely at some of the abandoned buildings. We had a good look around but have no more idea why the island is now next to uninhabited than we did before.
    During our stay at Lavrion anchored in our usual bay just North of town we managed to find some Johnnie bread, white but apparently OK, and a few other GF treats and just for good measure I baked some more carrot cupcakes.
    On leaving our anchorage we saw the container ship CSL Virginia, the one that was rammed by the Turkish ship back on the 10 th near Corsica. The whole is seriously impressive, we hadn’t heard about the crash and at first couldn’t believe we were seeing a hole!
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  • Day565

    Egina town on Aigina island

    November 1 in Greece

    We enjoyed our time at Souvala on the North coast but felt a little bad about abusing their hospitality so have moved to the main town and harbour on the NW coast for a night before we head onwards. On our first full day on the island we used our push bikes and visited the Paleochora (ancient town) this is where the Aegean’s moved to when the pirate raids were too prolific on the coast. Now all that’s left here are the churches, the houses have been destroyed for the building material. There are an awful lot of churches/chapels and almost all contained icons candles etc, apparently there is a saint for everyday and its a sign of status for a family to build a church/chapel and they are all dedicated to a saint or two. Nowadays these family churches/ chapels are private but historically they were for everyone, and the higher and more obscure the location the greater the prestige. The photos show one side of the hill and a map showing the locations.
    After here we cycled first to the Monastery of Nektarios only to be greeted by a sign saying women in trousers and men in shorts were not allowed in! Really we are in the 21 century, we were going to go in anyway but had already visited 15 churches so decided to go for lunch instead. After some restorative food we rode to the Temple of Aria more up. This, the temple at Sounion and the Parthenon form a triangle apparently and on clear days you can see each from each, it wasn’t clear enough when we were there however.
    Yesterday we met up with Ashley and Kathy, Australian’s that we had met in Almerimar, their boat Windjammer was in one of the yards here for repairs after an incident in Poros. We were able to return Ashley’s beanie hat to him, he had forgotten it after one of the Sunday walks and Nev had given it to us as Windjammer had left Almerimar before us and we were both going to Greece! I must email him to let him know we did manage to deliver it eventually. We spent a lovely morning and evening with them hearing about their trip and experiences.
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  • Day586

    Day 587: The Acropolis

    September 24 in Greece

    The Acropolis is a world heritage site. Of course it is! Though it actually only got added in the late 1980s, fairly late for what's generally considered a wonder of the world! Since it isn't a huge site, we decided to head there in the afternoon instead; apparently it's most crowded in the morning since tour groups generally head there first and somewhere else afterwards.

    So we stayed in and did various work bits until around 2pm when we wandered over; only a 10 minute walk which was nice! Was great to see the famous buildings up close, particularly the Parthenon since you've seen it so many times before. I'd never quite realised that the Acropolis was actually a walled citadel, it sits up above the city and served as a large castle. It's current state is actually unusual as well - historically it was filled up with buildings from later eras, and the Classical Greek-era only look is quite modern - from the 20th century really.

    Anyway we finished up the video, had a good look at the city from the Balcony nearby, then headed back home. Just snacks for dinner this time as we'd had a late lunch!
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  • Day587

    Day 588: Monastery of Daphni

    September 25 in Greece

    Second World Heritage site in Athens, a Byzantine-era monastery with some nice mosaics. We headed here early in the morning, around 9am, though our trip took ages because of Athens's public transport. There was a direct bus leaving from a spot about 10 minutes walk from us, but when we got there and hopped on the bus, it turned out you needed a ticket from a metro station! So we walked another 10 minutes back to the metro, then just hopped on a train, then a different bus. Eventually we arrived.

    It was just a small church in a now-ruined monastery on the outskirts of Athens. Nice mosaics, but we've definitely seen better in Ravenna and in Palermo as well. The best part about this is that it had been heavily restored since an earthquake in 1999 and only in the last few months had the scaffolding removed from both inside and out. Lucky us!

    Back to Athens (again it took ages) and arrived around midday, done with our stuff for the day. We split up for a bit, I had an overdue hair cut and a bite to eat before heading home while Shandos went shopping. Moving on tomorrow!
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  • Day575

    Day 576: A Long Journey to Greece

    September 13 in Greece

    Crazy long day today. Left our apartment at 8am on the dot, and drove almost constantly for 8 hours across Bulgaria and back into Romania. Delayed for about 30 minutes at the border crossing due to large queues which was a bit frustrating! Also had to drive through the centre of Bucharest (right past our earlier apartment!) since the ring road around the city was heavily clogged with traffic.

    Made it to the car rental place around 4pm, though we weren't worried about returning on time since the car was actually due back tomorrow! We changed plans after booking, and updating the booking would've cost us an extra hundred euros or something stupid, so we just left it. Shuttle bus to the airport where we waited around for an hour or so before checking in for our flight to Athens.

    Not much to do in the airport, though we bought and consumed a couple of snacks. Everything was airport prices, not typical Romanian prices which was pretty frustrating! 6 euros for a crappy sandwich sort of thing, not the 1-2 euros we'd been used to. Boarded the flight and took off on time which was nice, and we were with Aegean Air which are a full-service airline, not a budget carrier, so we got a free snack of ham & cheese roll, small muesli bar thing and a drink too. We also had a spare seat between us so could spread out a bit, even though it was only 90 minutes.

    Arrived in Athens around 9:30pm local time and had no issues with immigration which was good. Had been a little concerned since Shandos didn't have a Schengen exit stamp from when we'd left Czech Republic a month ago, but the immigration lady barely glanced at our passports before stamping and waving us through. She was also puzzled that I handed over our marriage certificate; I didn't explain that it was because Shandos was over her Schengen limit!

    By the time we collected our luggage and exited the terminal it was nearly 10pm, but we hopped on a bus directly to Piraeus. Was quite comical the way an orderly queue dissolved immediately into pushing and shoving as soon as the bus arrived, but we all managed to just fit. I'd read you should purchase tickets from the driver, but nobody else did so we didn't worry about it - learned later you're supposed to buy tickets in the terminal! Oh well.

    Finally arrived in Piraeus around 11:15pm where we walked a few hundred metres to our hotel. It was a dump, but we were expecting that, and only there for about 7 hours total!
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  • Day1

    Cozy place inside of storm

    September 29 in Greece

    Sevi's apartment was waiting for us. Since the moment we entered the room, we knew we'll have a great time. Everything was sparkling clean and nice. The bed is extra comfy, and the style of the apartment is so welcoming. We took a 5 hour nap and we woke up prepared for a walk. There is a 1 minute walk supermarket and the subway is 3 minutes away. The area is pretty nice, with lits of shops and cafe's. For dinner we had homemade pasta, my wife being the chef. We enjoyed a glass of wine (which was left as welcome gift by our host). It started pouring ourside, so we are goind to end the night with a movie.Read more

  • Day2

    Found this awesome restaurant, where the chef's were romanians (btw thank you Ștefania!). For just 24 euro we have got a tasting menu for two persons. Some greek salad, garlic bread (or better call it "pita") and tzatziki as a started. After we have devotated that salad, a new plate has come: musaka, some kind of filled tomato, souvlaki and cooked fries. It was just so delicious!! I almost forgot about house wine, also very good!
    Two shots of Mastika and a dessert that I don't remember it's name were on the house.
    Thank you Liondi Restaurant for our awesome coulinary experience!
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