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  • Day496

    Hello again
    We have had an uninspiring week or so, as you know we headed north to avoid the forecasted higher winds but then they didn’t arrive, it would appear, until we headed south again anyway. Wind speed reader said gusts around 35-40mph. Our trip from Eretria to....... well we ended up at Nea Spira still on Evia but further south than the place we stopped at on the way up but not as pretty, more touristy with lots of high rise apartments. From there we had hoped to get as far as Lavrio on the mainland for fuel water and provisions but it was very choppy, we were surfing down the waves at 6.3knots with only 1400 revs, that didn’t mean much to me but John was impressed, it wasn’t very splashy but was tiring for John to keep us straight on the waves so we ended up at Porto Rafti a little further north than hoped and again touristy but not foreign tourists Greeks. The trouble with these places is that they are close to Athens so have become commuter suburbs/ weekend homes.
    We eventually reached Lavrion today Friday only to be told that they were full because it is a charter company base and they do changeovers at the weekend, bugger!🤬 as Lavrion is commercial there were some pretty big ships waiting around to go in below is a photo of the largest. No other pictures as scenery not great or even when it was we were moving around too much for we to take any in focus pictures.sorry!
    So we are holed up in the same little bay that we used on our way north, it is quiet even though next to a power station! There is also a beach bar/taverna and we had our cheapest meal so far Eur15 salad, kebabs and drinks. Still deciding what to do next.🤔
    But to recap the journey to Nea Spira nearly didn’t happen. On our way south we stopped for lunch at somewhere called Ormos Tigani just an almost deserted bay, that on the charts looked like it would be sheltered from the meltemi, the afternoon NE wind, it wasn’t so we decided to just stop for lunch and a look around before continuing. We anchored up and reversed on the anchor to check it was holding as gusts around 30mph, all OK. 👍After lunch we rowed ashore for a look at the church and what appeared to be a caravan behind it, we were interested because we couldn’t see any approach road. Church was cute but locked up but you could still see through the windows and some people had left offerings of oil for the lamps and candles on doorstep and yes it was a now disused caravan on a levelled slab but we still couldn’t figure out how on earth they got it there! Perhaps helicopter 😉
    We then returned to the beach for a mooch along the shore there was lots of detritus and we thought maybe we would find something to scavenge, it was only on our way back towards the dinghy that we realised the boat wasn’t where we had left it ...... it was drifting backwards along the shore towards the rocks at the edge of the bay uh oh John rowed rapidly back to boat and we prepared for the off. It was even windier than when we had arrived. In the slight panic I forgot to take photos! On the next leg to Spira we had another unscheduled delay when we had to turn back for the screen cover for the external plotter which had be carried by a gust overboard. I was able to practice my man overboard pointing constantly and giving captain directions then as the better swimmer jumping in and diving for the sinking cover.
    Yesterday’s journey was only punctuated by the dinghy flipping multiple times, sadly we didn’t realise until the evening when we wanted to go ashore, that on one of the times the aluminium seat had come out. Even if we had realised at the time it would, I imagine, have sunk so quickly we would have lost it anyway.☹️
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  • Day488

    It’s been a while sorry, but not much to report. After our day trip we spent 2more nights in Port Cheli waiting for winds to ease, we did more supermarket shopping and bought a copy of the Daily Mail exciting eh! then continued around the Peloponnese coast. We spent a night in Ermioni a smallish town built in a small sheltered bay within a much larger bay. The town had grown and was now on both sides of an undeveloped headland. The next night we were in Poros Town on Poros island still in the Peloponnese but now on north coast opposite Athens. It was much busier but the channel between the island and mainland was long so lots of space to anchor. Here we got our Transit log stamped again by the this time friendly Port Police who wanted to know why we didn’t have the original crew list I explained that the port police in Port Cheli had insisted that they had to have it and received a very Gaelic shrug in response. I had prepared another one that John as captain had signed and we had a copy of the original so it was all OK. We also liked Poros and had thought to perhaps spend another night there mooching the winding streets of the town perched on the hill but more wind is approaching so thought we should head for pastures new while we could/before it arrived. Poros has a beautiful clock tower and sea front, which yes was busy with people having coffee shopping and eating but was also felt relaxed and easygoing. Then a night in the south of Aigina island before crossing to here on the mainland. I think I have already said but we decided to visit Athens and a couple of other places on our way back north when things might be cooler and less busy. We ended up trying a couple of bays on south of Aigina before deciding on Ormos Klima because the first choice which which was 2 bays further east had a lot of swell, the next one coming back west seemed OK, there was a beach bar/cafe and initially this played nice easy listening music but around 5pm we noticed cars leaving and motorbikes and scooters arriving coupled with an increase in volume and a change in genre to club/garage music 🎶Time to go! One more bay east, literally just around the headland and no noise a couple of houses, well villas really, one of them even had a sparkling purple helicopter in the garden I was going to take a photograph in the morning but it left before we did. We watched 3 other boats making a hash of going stern to on the rocks on the side of the bay, they all got there eventually but were not sure why they didn’t just anchor, who knows. We were settled and in the water snorkelling and they were still looking for the best place tie up.
    We did have a bit of an Oops 😬 moment today when as we were coming in to anchor for lunch I heard a very loud CRUNCH/BANG and dashed topside, where John calmly said ‘don’t worry just a rock’. Apparently he couldn’t really see the plotter/depth sounder as sun was reflecting off it so merrily steered us over an obstruction! After anchoring we went to inspect the damage, luckily we are just missing a bit of anti foul there’s no real damage. The good news news is that while snorkelling I came across a bit of chain, this isn’t unusual but normally the chain is attached to a bobber as a permanent albeit summer mooring. However at one end of the chain I found a Danforth anchor and at the other nothing! So we scavenged and now have anchor and about 40m of 6mm galvanised chain sat on our dive platform, no idea what we will do with it it’s too small for us!
    Here are some photos for those of you who can’t be bothered with the words.
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  • Day586

    Day 587: The Acropolis

    September 24 in Greece

    The Acropolis is a world heritage site. Of course it is! Though it actually only got added in the late 1980s, fairly late for what's generally considered a wonder of the world! Since it isn't a huge site, we decided to head there in the afternoon instead; apparently it's most crowded in the morning since tour groups generally head there first and somewhere else afterwards.

    So we stayed in and did various work bits until around 2pm when we wandered over; only a 10 minute walk which was nice! Was great to see the famous buildings up close, particularly the Parthenon since you've seen it so many times before. I'd never quite realised that the Acropolis was actually a walled citadel, it sits up above the city and served as a large castle. It's current state is actually unusual as well - historically it was filled up with buildings from later eras, and the Classical Greek-era only look is quite modern - from the 20th century really.

    Anyway we finished up the video, had a good look at the city from the Balcony nearby, then headed back home. Just snacks for dinner this time as we'd had a late lunch!
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  • Day587

    Day 588: Monastery of Daphni

    September 25 in Greece

    Second World Heritage site in Athens, a Byzantine-era monastery with some nice mosaics. We headed here early in the morning, around 9am, though our trip took ages because of Athens's public transport. There was a direct bus leaving from a spot about 10 minutes walk from us, but when we got there and hopped on the bus, it turned out you needed a ticket from a metro station! So we walked another 10 minutes back to the metro, then just hopped on a train, then a different bus. Eventually we arrived.

    It was just a small church in a now-ruined monastery on the outskirts of Athens. Nice mosaics, but we've definitely seen better in Ravenna and in Palermo as well. The best part about this is that it had been heavily restored since an earthquake in 1999 and only in the last few months had the scaffolding removed from both inside and out. Lucky us!

    Back to Athens (again it took ages) and arrived around midday, done with our stuff for the day. We split up for a bit, I had an overdue hair cut and a bite to eat before heading home while Shandos went shopping. Moving on tomorrow!
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  • Day575

    Day 576: A Long Journey to Greece

    September 13 in Greece

    Crazy long day today. Left our apartment at 8am on the dot, and drove almost constantly for 8 hours across Bulgaria and back into Romania. Delayed for about 30 minutes at the border crossing due to large queues which was a bit frustrating! Also had to drive through the centre of Bucharest (right past our earlier apartment!) since the ring road around the city was heavily clogged with traffic.

    Made it to the car rental place around 4pm, though we weren't worried about returning on time since the car was actually due back tomorrow! We changed plans after booking, and updating the booking would've cost us an extra hundred euros or something stupid, so we just left it. Shuttle bus to the airport where we waited around for an hour or so before checking in for our flight to Athens.

    Not much to do in the airport, though we bought and consumed a couple of snacks. Everything was airport prices, not typical Romanian prices which was pretty frustrating! 6 euros for a crappy sandwich sort of thing, not the 1-2 euros we'd been used to. Boarded the flight and took off on time which was nice, and we were with Aegean Air which are a full-service airline, not a budget carrier, so we got a free snack of ham & cheese roll, small muesli bar thing and a drink too. We also had a spare seat between us so could spread out a bit, even though it was only 90 minutes.

    Arrived in Athens around 9:30pm local time and had no issues with immigration which was good. Had been a little concerned since Shandos didn't have a Schengen exit stamp from when we'd left Czech Republic a month ago, but the immigration lady barely glanced at our passports before stamping and waving us through. She was also puzzled that I handed over our marriage certificate; I didn't explain that it was because Shandos was over her Schengen limit!

    By the time we collected our luggage and exited the terminal it was nearly 10pm, but we hopped on a bus directly to Piraeus. Was quite comical the way an orderly queue dissolved immediately into pushing and shoving as soon as the bus arrived, but we all managed to just fit. I'd read you should purchase tickets from the driver, but nobody else did so we didn't worry about it - learned later you're supposed to buy tickets in the terminal! Oh well.

    Finally arrived in Piraeus around 11:15pm where we walked a few hundred metres to our hotel. It was a dump, but we were expecting that, and only there for about 7 hours total!
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  • Day1

    Cozy place inside of storm

    September 29 in Greece

    Sevi's apartment was waiting for us. Since the moment we entered the room, we knew we'll have a great time. Everything was sparkling clean and nice. The bed is extra comfy, and the style of the apartment is so welcoming. We took a 5 hour nap and we woke up prepared for a walk. There is a 1 minute walk supermarket and the subway is 3 minutes away. The area is pretty nice, with lits of shops and cafe's. For dinner we had homemade pasta, my wife being the chef. We enjoyed a glass of wine (which was left as welcome gift by our host). It started pouring ourside, so we are goind to end the night with a movie.Read more

  • Day2

    Found this awesome restaurant, where the chef's were romanians (btw thank you Ștefania!). For just 24 euro we have got a tasting menu for two persons. Some greek salad, garlic bread (or better call it "pita") and tzatziki as a started. After we have devotated that salad, a new plate has come: musaka, some kind of filled tomato, souvlaki and cooked fries. It was just so delicious!! I almost forgot about house wine, also very good!
    Two shots of Mastika and a dessert that I don't remember it's name were on the house.
    Thank you Liondi Restaurant for our awesome coulinary experience!
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  • Day2


    September 23 in Greece

    Zo zo, dag 1 zit er alweer op. Gisteren iets later aangekomen dan voorzien door vertraging. Bij aankomst was het niet meteen duidelijk wie en waar onze begeleidster was dus even moeten zoeken maar uiteindelijk zijn we met zen 9 goed terecht gekomen. Voor zij die het niet weten, ik reis met Djoser. Een groepsreis doch met niets anders dan vrijheid. Zoals ik het het liefste heb. Ik ben wel blij dat er nog een leuvens koppel bij is want de rest zijn allen Nederlanders. 😉 De groep varieert wel van 24 tem 81 jaar oud! 😳 Gisteravond dus ingecheckt in onze kamer, basic maar meer heb ik niet van doen. Vandaag slaap ik alleen maar dit zal niet altijd het geval zijn... soms moet je nu eenmaal een kamer delen met een reisgenoot. We zijn gisteravond ook nog om de hoek iets gaan eten en meteen de griekse specialiteit genomen, moussaka! Super lekker maar zwaar op de maag zo laat. Zus en zo geslapen en vanmorgend na het ontbijt met de ganse groep en Nina de begeleidster erop uit getrokken voor een oriëntatiewandeling door Athene. Een grootstad is in het begin altijd even zoeken maar ik trek al snel men plan. We hebben uiteraard de acropolis bezocht. #imposant Daarna souvlakis (satés) gaan eten en na de middag ben ik er dan alleen op uit getrokken... hard rock caféke, crème glaceke, automuseum en vooral wandelen wandelen wandelen tot blijnens toe! Net in de lonely planet nog een rum bar gevonden. Echt iets voor mij! Helaas kan ik ze niet allemaal proeven want morgen vroeg dag! Op weg naar huis nog een pastabox met meatballs op de kop getikt en nu naar bed. Om half zes vertrekken we richting ferry op weg naar SYROS! Slaapwel Athene.Read more

  • Day91

    Welcome to Athens

    July 15 in Greece

    Um 13:00 Uhr war ein Treffen mit Georgia (unserem AirBnB Host) vereinbart. Da wir nicht wussten, wie lange wir noch bis nach Athen benötigen, ging es heute morgen zeitig los. Auf Googlemaps war mal wieder Verlass, so wurden wir quer durch die Innenstadt von Athen geschickt und manchmal hatten wir das Gefühl eine schmalere Straße konnte nicht gefunden werden. So platzte es aus uns heraus: "Fahren wir einen Smart oder einen Bus?" .... verrückt diese Streckenführung. Schweißnass gebadet, ich musste heute fahren und Daniel war nur Beifahrer mit klugen Ratschlägen, standen wir pünktlich wie die Maurer vor der gesuchten Adresse.

    Mit einem breiten Grinsen im Gesicht öffnete uns Georgia die Wohnungstür und uns war vom ersten Moment klar ... alles richtig gemacht. Das Apartment war wunderschön und der Ausblick über die Dächer von Athen bis hin zur Akropolis, war großartig. Jetzt musste nur noch der Parkplatz hinhauen. Wir gingen gemeinsam runter und Georgia zeigte uns noch den beschriebenen Parkplatz ... okay riesig ist er nicht und es bedeutet eindeutig viel Rangiererei bis wir in dieser Lücke perfekt drinstehen. Nach diversen Zügen vor und zurück stand Finn dann auch perfekt ohne die anderen Bewohner zu stören in seinem Parkplatz für die nächsten drei Tage. Athen wir kommen - dem Sightseeing steht also nichts mehr im Wege!

    Nachdem wir uns ein wenig häuslich eingerichtet hatten, ging es dann auch direkt los. Wenigstens mal ein bisschen sich umschauen und eruieren, wo und was wir uns alles anschauen wollen/können. Unser erster Stopp mit der U-Bahn war die Haltestelle an der Akropolis. Wir hatten unterwegs bereits so viele Horror-Geschichten von den Warteschlagen gehört, dass wir gespannt waren, was uns hier gleich erwartet. Sind wir überhaupt richtig, fragten wir uns da lediglich eine Handvoll Leute vor uns am Informationsschalter standen. Es war so gegen 18:00 Uhr, die Sonne knallte nicht mehr ganz so heftig auf den Planeten und es waren wirklich wenige Touristen vorort ... der perfekte Zeitpunkt für einen Besuch. Wir entschieden uns für ein Kombi-Ticket (30,- Euro pro Person) mit dem diverse Sehenswürdigkeiten/Ausgrabungsstätten besucht werden konnten.

    Wir hatten jetzt noch zwei Stunden (um 20:00 Uhr schließt das Areal um die Akropolis), um uns alles genau anzuschauen und die gigantischen Ausmaße auf uns wirken zu lassen. So spazierten wir gemütlich umher und stiegen hoch hinauf auf die Akropolis. Die Marmorsäulen schimmerten fantastisch in der jetzt untergehenden Sonne und die Stimmung war einmalig schön. Zudem kam noch, dass wir wirklich Glück hatten und die Touristenmassen noch in einem erträglichen Rahmen waren. Wir konnten uns alles in Ruhe, ohne zerquetscht zu werden, anschauen und unsere Fotos knipsen. Pünktlich um viertel vor acht fing das Aufsichtspersonal mit ihren Trillerpfeifen zu pfeifen an, um die Touristen in Richtung Ausgang zu delegieren. Zeitiger Feierabend muss schon schein!

    Im Anschluss kletterten wir noch auf einen Hügel direkt neben der Akropolis und genossen noch ein wenig die Aussicht über die Stadt und hinauf auf die Säulen der Akropolis. Ein für uns perfekter Tag und wir konnten zufrieden auf unserer persönlichen "Must-See-List"Athen und die Akropolis abhaken. Wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf die nächsten zwei Tage Sightseeing in Athen! Aber zuerst ausschlafen in einem "richtigen" Bett - ein Traum!
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  • Day92

    Nach einem ausgiebigem Frühstück, ging es heute Vormittag wieder für uns los in Richtung City. Für heute Nachmittag hatten wir uns über das Internet zu einer Free-Walking-Tour angemeldet, so dass wir noch ausreichend Zeit hatten, auf eigene Faust die Stadt zu erkunden und noch die ein oder andere Archäologische Ausgrabungsstätte anzuschauen.

    Als erstes besichtigten wir heute die "Agora - Athen", ein sogenannter Versammlungsplatz in der griechischen Antike. Mit unserem Kombi-Ticket konnten wir an der Schlange an der Kasse vorbeimarschieren und waren schon in der ersten Ausgrabungsstätte für heute. Wir hatten erneut einen fantastischen Blick hoch auf die Akropolis, die wirklich egal wo man sich in Athen befindet, in der Altstadt immer gut sichtbar ist. Man hat das Gefühl die Akropolis wacht über das Volk von Athen.

    Weiter ging es zum Tempel von Zeus und auch hier hatten wir einen schönen Blick hoch hinauf auf die Akropolis. Da es doch recht heiß war, peilten wir eine Bank im Schatten an und genossen erst mal die Ruhe und die Aussicht. Was wir wirklich klasse finden, in allen archäologischen Stätten gibt es die Möglichkeit sein Trinkwasser kostenlos aufzufüllen, was bei diesen Temperaturen auch dringend nötig ist. Nach einer kleinen Pause ging es für uns nochmal in die Fußgängerzone, noch etwas bummeln, schnell ein leckeres Pita einschmeißen und dann war es auch schon soweit, dass wir uns zum Treffpunkt unserer Free-Walking-Tour aufmachten.

    Jetzt hieß es, die nächsten drei Stunden gemeinsam mit unserem Guide Aris durch Athen zu marschieren. Bereits das erste kleine Highlight wartete auf uns am Treffpunkt, der sogenannte Hadrian-Bogen, bei genauerem Hinsehen konnte man erkennen, dass der untere Teil des Bogens römisch und der obere Teil griechisch war und auch hier hat man wieder einen fantastischen Blick durch den Torbogen hoch auf die Akropolis.

    Weiter ging es über den botanischen Garten, den Überresten eines Badehauses (Fun-Fact, die Ausgrabungsstätte wurde beim Bau der U-Bahn in Athen für die Olympischen Spiele 2004 gefunden) bis hin zum Kronprinzenpalais. Hier waren wir gerade zum richtigen Zeitpunkt, um die Wachablösung der Wachposten mitzuverfolgen. Aris erklärte uns, dass die Wachposten einen ganz besonderen Gang absolvieren müssen, da der Kronprinz Pferde liebte und beim näheren Betrachten und hinhören konnte man tatsächlich das Traben von Pferden beim Auf- und Abmarschieren erahnen. Was für ein Spektakel!

    Drei Stunden lauschten wir den Worten von Aris und marschierten kreuz und quer durch die Hauptstadt Griechenlands. Aris gab noch den Tipp, dass man fast alle archäologischen Ausgrabungsstätten in Athen auch problemlos von Außen, ohne teuren Eintritt zu bezahlen, bewundern kann. Hätten wir das mal vorher gewusst. Einzig und allein das Areal der Akropolis
    ist weiträumig abgesperrt und ein Ticket ist wirklich unabdingbar, wenn man sie nicht "nur" von unten und aus der Ferne bestaunen möchte.

    Heute qualmten unsere Füße wirklich ... und wir fielen spät Abends nach einem Glas Wein und dem Blick auf die beleuchtete Akropolis von unserem Balkon aus todmüde in unser Bett auf Zeit.
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