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  • Sep13

    Meanwhile in Karmiel

    September 13 in Israel

    The cranes showed up to collect Saba and Savta's stuff (yup, cranes from the fourth floor down), and take it to the brand new Haifa flat (cranes from ground floor to the 10th). And that's it- Saba and Savta are now proud citizens of Haifa, with the sea seen right from their windows and balcony. Mazal tov- we can't wait to visit in a month!

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  • Sep7

    London reunion

    September 7 in the United Kingdom

    To make sure we still see Katya in one piece before she gives birth to her second son, Zhanna and I touched down in London for a few girlie meals and walks together. To feed Zhanna's hunger for London, we stayed at the Windmill hotel in Clapham, a few minutes walk from where we used to live just over 4 years ago. Nostalgic breakfasts at the Brickwood cafe and the Breakfast club, walks along the King's road, Northcote road and Covent garden and long conversations offered a nice break from our lives in Moscow and Budapest, respectively. And the jewel on the crown- to see Katya for lunch and then dinner, with a glimpse of Pierre and Nikolai at their Finchley road home. Just in time too- as Katya gave birth a day after we left- Matvey must have wanted more of that spicy Thai food from Market Thai on Portobello road!Read more

  • Sep1

    Cook your food and eat it!

    September 1 in Hungary

    Last year's Christmas present ftom Dóri and Laci, a dinner at The Makery was long overdue. However, it beat all expectation of the conservative Hungarian between us- the pricess was fun, the food great, the place lovely. So here is what happens- you show up and get seated on high chairs at a long table with induction cookers scattered between the eating and cooking space. You get a menu in a tablet form, where you can view the food you can order, as well as the cooking instructions ( step by step videos) for each dish. You chose your dishes like in a regular restaurant, and the waiter brings a board with the ingredients needed for cooking it. You roll up your sleeves, don an apron, drink wine, and cook your own meal, right a the table. Voila- the dinner has been served.

    Main challenges of the evening? To pick the dishes ( everything looked great, and tasted so too!) , prepare your own dish so that it is ready when your partner's is ready too, and to get home dry ( failed), as Budapest experiences a huge summer storm with obscene volume of water pouring down. Hence the emergency stop at a random Beer Brothers for a cuppa with rum, with hoards of other stranded, wet ad dogs people, likely making it the most profitable night in the pub's history ever.
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  • Aug23

    An overnight patient

    August 23 in Hungary

    Nóra braved a surgery under full anaesthesia this week. The task at hand- to remove her adenoids to hopefully enjoy healthier winters going forward. The patient was exceptionally brave all the way from receiving the news, to taking blood tests to going into tne surgery ( carried fully awake by ia moustached male nurse she just met a moment before!!!). One night of recovery at the Péterfy hospital in a private room with Gergő, and that's it! Well done and cheers to less stuffed nose from now on!Read more

  • Aug12

    To spot the bird of courage

    August 12 in France

    Nóra and I wandered into the nearby forest to try to spot the secret bird of courage who may or may not live there. We walked through fields full of butterflies, collected curious plants ad insects, stopped to listen to the sounds of the forest, saw beautiful spiders, heard birds fight, ate our lunch, picked the best walking stick ad napped in the hammock. Did not spot the infamous and evasive bird, but did find plenty of nature and lots of courage!Read more

  • Aug10

    Ványis reunited

    August 10 in France

    A family reunion in the chateau- not a scene for a movie, but for real! Bálint has summoned all his five children, with their families, to enjoy a long weekend in the chateau in Gondrecourt de chateau. We arrived from the camping in croatia ( stopover in germany for the night), Dóri with Laci and Milán and Lotti by plane from Budapest, Andris and Ábel by car from Budapest. Viktor and his girlfriend had to cancel last minute, ungodtunately, as the car witb which they were to travel back from Budapest to Brighton via family reunion broke down in Hungary and they took a direct flight back to the UK instead. But even so, with 4 children and 4 grandchildren, Bálint ( nor Rita!) have the luxury of boredom! The house itself has undergone further improvements and decorations since last year, and is fantastic to host such a large family. With kids pretty much taking care of themselves, the grownups can cook, drink wine , talk and practice fending off Ványi humour. Speaking of which, more wine, please!Read more

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