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  • Oct26

    Buc-ee's: OMG

    October 26, 2020 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 79 °F

    So. Who all has heard of Buc-ee's? Raise your hands high now. O.M.G. This place is insane but very fun. It's a crazy convenience store that just lives in Texas and Alabama... evidently the rest of us aren't ready for their version of crack: Beaver Nuggets (I know, I know...I had the same jokes run through my head). I couldn't figure out why Cheryl was so excited to see a Buc-ee's until we walked in and saw the wall of their fresh jersey, all of the branded merchandise and the snack selection. Ye gods. $80 poorer, we staggered out of the store with Buc-ee's insulated mugs, a shirt for Cheryl, more junk food than we can *safely* eat on the trip and word of an even bigger one 60 miles away on our path.

    Send help if you don't hear from us...we're going into the biggest convenience store in the world, y'all!
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