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  • Day14

    Space, Science & Technology Day

    July 4, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Not much of an Independence Day here. Hope everyone had a good one back home! Last time I was in Europe on 7.4, Jess and I were in Pisa.

    Since neither of our planned locations opened until 10am, we had a leisurely morning, sleeping until 8am and eating crepes on the street. Train, then bus well out of town to the Air & Space Museum at Le Bourget airport. It was neat seeing mostly French planes, with a smattering of foreign planes as well.. The kids enjoyed the simulators and I particularly liked the deconstructed planes, seeing the inside of a 747, Concorde and even Soviet ICBM as you enter, which is a mind blower.

    Next, we took a bus down to the Science museum, munching snacks along the way. There were exhibits on high speed rail, robotics, Argonaut sub, a small aquarium, and more. Upon leaving , we look the Metro back into town. The kids and Tom went back to the burger place they ate at while I was in Lyon. I didn't feel like a burger, so I headed back to our flat for a battery backup to charge my dead phone and I grabbed something quick at a falafel place across from our place.

    Quickly jetted down to the river to see Sainte Chappelle, one of the places I really wanted to revisit before we left. Only 30 minutes before close, there is a long line. Fortunately, the last hurrah with the Museum Pass allows me to skip the entire line and I'm inside in only five minutes. Having been before, I skipped everything other than the stained glass, which is unbelievably gorgeous. I took a number of photos, which really can't to it justice, before heading back to rejoin the three guys.

    R predictably enamoured with the Lego store. I purchase a womens national team jersey at the Nike Store - had I known, I would have visited before heading to the match! Tom went off to unsuccessfully look for clothes, while L headed back to our place to relax.

    Afterward, R and I headed back down toward the river to hit tourist shops in search for the perfect Paris had for him - his third of the trip, one for each stop. Finally found one. My feet are killing me, it is hot, and I'm exhausted. R has been jonesing to ride one if the electric Lime scooters, so I grab one and we manage to balance together all the way back to our area. He rides it solo half a block and back, shortening the entire way.

    At long last, we are back. I shower and browbeat the kids into packing stuff up. They don't understand why since we have a 'whole entire day'more and keep asking what we're doing tomorrow. Little do you know, kids!!
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