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  • Day5

    Sunday at Gospel Springs

    October 20, 2019 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    A good night’s sleep was needed, and apart from interruptions from a Saturday night party, a call to prayer and hotel noise it was just about had by most.
    The day started with Breakfast outside and then a trip to the church - we arrived to be greeted by many children outside, the church is now in its new building and is quite unrecognisable from before. We were introduced when we got there - the church had probably started at 730 and we arrived at 10 - and then were asked to preach, with 10 minutes notice! The problem with speaking is that any examples are very far removed from the day to day life of the people at the church - their worries are for food, shelter and clothes, much different from the worries we have. ‘Walking by faith and not by sight’ was the passage used with examples of driving in the torrential rain from the night before not knowing where we were going, but having faith that by following the road ahead we would reach our destination despite the conditions around (not even sure that example worked as they are very used to electric storms and heavy rain!) It was great to see friends from before like Christine and Tom as well as the children like Sylvia and Jefftha.

    For lunch time we were invited to a family connected to the church - a lunch of chapati, chicken, rice, ugali after which we went back to the guest house for a rest, run and watch of the Liverpool - Man U game! Followed by dinner at Pastor Wycliff and Mary’s house with their family.
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    Anna Burton

    Sounds great xx Anna x

    Louise Collins

    Beautiful pictures! Enjoy every minute xx

    Richard Jelfs

    Heaps of love and prayers to and for you all. It looks so amazing - thanks for sharing! Xx

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