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    • Day45

      Mumbai plan day and night bus to Udaipur

      February 19, 2020 in India ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

      Today we were in no rush at all. We’d seen what we wanted to see in Mumbai, so we had a big fat lie in and a leisurely get up and warm shower. Today was our last day in Mumbai so we needed to check out by 10:30, so we packed up our stuff and chilled in the common area for a little while. We dedicated some time this morning/afternoon to planning what we would do for the next few weeks as well as book flights into Nepal. We spent a few hours researching and adding things to the plan before we both got hungry and went back to our trusty street food man for Chinese Bhel for the last time.

      Tonight we were getting the bus to Udaipur, as our waiting list tickets for the train hadn’t come through. Rather than suffer a 17 hour journey on a train in general class again, we’d booked a luxury bus with our own TVs, films and all the trimmings. It would take just as long as the train, but hopefully we’d get some decent sleep. We went out to get snacks for the bus, the standard crisps, biscuits and bananas before going back to the hostel to chill out before it was time to grab an Ola (Indian Uber) to the pickup spot. The pickup location on the RedBus app was just at the side of the motorway, so we waited for a little while keeping track of the buses was on its way to us, just very slowly. Eventually the bus pulled up, it was a different model bus to what it said online so we wanted to check that it was going to Udaipur, the man grunted at us and ushered us on. We found our beds and set up camp for the night. I must admit, it was certainly worth spending a little bit more money for a bit of comfort on these long journeys.

      After watching Mission Impossible Fallout (great film!) the bus stopped in a random location to refuel and where we could try and get some proper food as we were only had snack...we had tried to get something a few times before but there was just crisps and junk! This time was equally unsuccessful, however even more so as the bus loudly sounded its horn and began to drive off...without us! Tom was faster than me to react and sprinted to the bus and started banging the door until he stopped to let us on. We were not happy at the driver at all and I had a go at him saying that they need to communicate better with their passengers, in response he just grunted at me... back to bed then.

      A little while later we stopped at a slightly more official looking place that were actually selling proper food. We both got 2 samosas, devoured them and then a friendly Indian guy asked us if we wanted to try his crisps...we both tried a few and they were nice, and then the guy decided that he was going to give the entire packet to us, what a gent! We got back on the bus and I passed out for the night in the extremely comfy beds.
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      Luxury! Well done! Uncle Bob proud of you!




      Very smart for India!

    • Day1

      Arrived in Mumbai

      January 9, 2017 in India ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      After a 14 hour flight I arrived in Mumbai for my week long business trip. The flight was great, I had a whole row of seats to myself so I could actually stretch out and sleep for 7 hours flat on my back.

      Going through immigration and checking into the hotel put such a smile on my face. Every time someone sees my passport, they give me this look, smile and say the words: Ahhh, Jacques Kallis! You've got to love how passionate these people are about their cricket.

      I eventually fell asleep at around 2:00am but was wide awake again at 5:30am. The time difference with NY is 10.5 hours so the jet lag is quite something. Instead of tossing and turning in bed, I decided to hit the gym and do a 40 min, 8k run on the treadmill. After that I went for a nice healthy brekkie before it's off to the office.

      - Chris
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      Cathy Gonzalez

      Safe trip home!

    • Day270


      March 4, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      Nach meinem Praktikum bin ich nach Mumbai geflogen und das erste wunderschöne was ich dort gesehen habe war Thilo! Er ist von den Philippinen dorthin geflogen und von nun an reisen wir gemeinsam weiter.
      Mumbai ist die sechst Bevölkerungsreichste Stadt der Welt. Einschließlich der sie umgebenden Vororte und ländlichen Gebieten leben 18,4 Millionen (2011) Menschen in Mumbai. Hier leben also mehr Menschen als im Bevölkerungreichsten Bundesland Nordrhein-Westfalen (17,8 Millionen).
      In der Stadt leben 28.508 Menschen auf einem Quadratkilometer (2011).
      Das heißt es leben nicht nur sehr viele Menschen hier sondern sie leben auch auf engstem Raum. Das sieht man auch, denn überall leben Leute. Jeder kleinste freie Platz wird in einen Wohnplatz umgebaut, sei es eine Hütte oder nur Planen zum Sichtschutz.
      In Mumbai gibt es über 2.000 Slums und ca. 60%
      der Bevölkerung lebt in Slums.
      Viele Menschen haben auch gar keinen Wohnplatz und schlafen auf der Straße.
      Wir haben in einem Hotel (Hostels gibt es nicht viele) gewohnt, das nicht in einem touristischen Gebiet lag. Das hat uns sehr gut gefallen, um uns herum war das echte Leben in Mumbai. Lauter Bazare und das ganze Leben spielt sich auf der Straße ab, denn die Wohnungen sind sehr klein. Jedes Zimmer im EG was zur Straße hin ist, ist ein Shop. Wobei der Shop eigentlich ehr auf der Straße als im Raum ist.
      Es gibt verschiedene Viertel in denen an verschiedenen Materialien gearbeitet wird. Ein Viertel für Fahrzeugteile, eins für Kleidung, eins für Stahl, eins für Keramik usw. Transportiert werden die Waaren von Menschen die einen Holzkarren (eine Mischung aus Schubkarre und Sackkarre) besitzen. Die schwere Waare wird aufgeladen und dann wird es durch den "ganz normalen" Verkehr geschoben, zusammen mit Bussen, Autos und Rollerfahrern auf einer Straße. Das fand ich super beeindruckend. Denn der Verkehr ist eh schon der Wahnsinn und dann noch die Menschen die ihre Karren schieben, dazwischen.
      In den fünf Tagen, die wir in Mumbai waren sind wir sehr viel zu Fuß und mit der Bahn unterwegs gewesen und haben vieles angeschaut. In den Vierteln um unser Hotel haben wir keinen einzigen Touristen gesehen, dementsprechend wurden wir auch von den Menschen dort sehr genau betrachtet!
      Touristen haben wir aber dann viele an den "Top to do" Orten gesehen. Nicht nur westliche, sondern vor allem auch Indische Touristen. Wir hatten uns einmal kurz auf eine Bank bei "Gateway of India" hingesetzt und schon befanden wir uns im Fotoshooting! Die Inder lieben Fotos mit westlich aussehenden Menschen und wenn einer nach einem Selfie fragt, wollen alle anderen auch!
      Einen Vormittag haben wir uns auch mit einem Indischen Paar getroffen, die in Mumbai leben. Ich hatte die beiden in Hampi kennen gelernt. Sie haben sich die Zeit genommen mit uns in einen National Park zu fahren, der in Mumbai liegt. Dort haben wir riesige in Stein gehauene Höhlen erkundet und hatten einen schönen Vormittag zusammen.

      Insgesamt hat mir Mumbai sehr gut gefallen. Die Stadt ist weder besonders schön noch sauber (eher das krasse Gegenteil von sauber), aber sie und ihre Bewohner sind ganz anders als alles was ich bis jetzt in meinem Leben gesehen habe, das macht es interessant für mich! Alle Menschen waren sehr freundlich zu uns und durch Thilos Anwesenheit habe ich mich immer sicher geführt.
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    • Day35

      Bye bye Mumbai - Hello Gokarna!

      December 23, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      In the morning Cyrus was an absolute god send and picked us up, took us on a bit of another sightseeing tour around the suburbs of Mumbai and told us about how the whole area used to be Marsh land and jungle. We then saw his home area and then went to a shopping centre for lunch and to sort out our airtel Sim card. It was a full packed day, so much so that we were nearly late for the train! Luckily we arrived just in time, however we didn't have time to grab a quick dinner. The train that we booked was a 12 hour train to Gokarna, but as we booked so last minute the only seats we could get was SL class. This is the most basic sleeper class you can book... I must admit when I ran onto the train I was gutted that this was happening. The train was a thousand degrees, it smelt sweaty, it had no windows and so when passing dusty areas the train would just fill with dust, it had way too many people but to be honest once it got going it got much better and turned out to be a pretty nice journey. Everyone stopped chatting and got in beds by around 9pm which was just perfect. Unfortunately our stop wasn't the last stop so we had to get up and ready for its arrival at 3am. Even more unfortunately the train was an hour late and we ended up arriving after 4am eek...

      When we arrived, after a bit of haggling, we jumped into a tuk tuk and soon arrived at our little hut on the beach. It was pretty spooky walking along the sandy beach at night.

      As we didn't arrive till the early hours the next day we rested till about 12pm and then met Charlotte, from Kochi, at about 1pm. It was soo nice to be reunited!! Especially in such a beautiful, quiet, beach location. For the rest of the day we just chilled at the beach and caught up on the events from the past month. It was good fun, but not really worth taking up time on the blog! After dinner we Skyped my family for Christmas Eve and honestly it hit me how homesick I was. I ended up crying while talking to them. I was so upset!! Christmas is just such a nice time of year to be around family and friends and even though I know I have many many many years to do it properly it was sad to not be home and be part of it.
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    • Day36

      A Day at the Mall

      February 19, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      Decided to do about the least Indian thing possible for our last day here - we headed to the mall. Shandos has a conference the day after we arrive so needed to buy a couple of things for that, while I just wandered around the various shops looking at nothing in particular.

      Apparently it's the largest mall in India, and although it was fairly large there surprisingly isn't much competition. Western-style shopping malls just don't really exist here yet. The shops were all typical western brands and fairly expensive - honestly not much difference in price for the stuff I looked at versus the prices I'd expect back in Australia.

      We decided to splurge on lunch at a Jamie Oliver pizza restaurant which was tasty and quite cheap, though still comfortably our most expensive meal of the last three weeks. I think we paid about $30 AUD for two pizzas, a water and two non-alcoholic mixed drinks. Headed home in an Uber mid-afternoon and again just spent the rest of the day relaxing around the hostel.
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    • Day114

      Welcome to Mumbai

      January 23, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Wow, das war ein verrückter Start in Mumbai...
      Wir sind um halb 12 Uhr nachts gelandet und dann sind wir zu unserem neuen Host gefahren. Die Fahrt war schon ein Abenteuer, keine Fahrbahnbegrenzung, alle Hupen wild durcheinander und jeder fährt einfach wann er möchte. An Verkehrs oder Vorfahrtsregeln ist nicht zu denken.
      Wir erreichen en Campus auf dem unser Host in einem reinen Männerhostel wohnt. Er erwartet uns bereits am Gate. Da es nicht erlaubt ist im Hostel Übernachtungsbesuch zu haben (geschweige denn von Frauen) ist geplant, dass wir bei einem befreundeten Ehepaar schlafen. So war der Plan...
      Am Gate angekommen, durften wir den Campus nicht betreten. Zwei Stunden hat es gebraucht bis wir endlich rein durften. In der Zeit haben die beiden Männer ziemlich viel diskutiert und keiner der Menschen am Gate hat auch nur irgendein Wort mit uns geredet.
      Unser Host und sein Freund haben uns dann erklärt, dass an dem Tag scheinbar gerade rausgekommen ist, dass ein Typ seine Freundin 10 Tage heimlich auf dem Campus schlafen lassen hat.

      Dann sind wir alle zusammen mit zwei „Beamten“ des Gates zur Wohnung gefahren. Es war drei Uhr nachts und die Ehefrau des Freundes hatte schon geschlafen. Die beiden Beamten vom Gate sind dann einmal durch die Wohnung gelaufen um zu gucken, ob die Jungs auch die Wahrheit gesagt habe.
      ...als wär das alles noch nicht genug, hat das Ehepaar uns auch noch ihr Bett gegeben und hat im Wohnzimmer auf dem Boden, bzw. auf einer ganz dünnen Matratze geschlafen.
      Unfassbar beeindruckt von so viel Gastfreundschaft schlafen wir ein. Zum Frühstück gab es dann selbstgemachte „Doza“ (indische Pfannkuchen) und Smoothie. Super lecker!
      Da wir uns in der gesamten Situation ziemlich unwohl gefühlt haben und das Gefühl hatten weder dem Pärchen noch unserem Host was zurück geben zu können entschließen wir uns die nächsten Nächte ins Hostel zu ziehen.

      Am Tag zeigt Ravi und dann den Campus, der so gar nicht unseren Vorstellungen von Mumbai entspricht. Grün, ruhig, viele junge Leute und sehr sauber...

      Mit dem Taxi geht es dann in die Stadt und das entspricht schon eher unseren Vorstellungen. Es ist laut, der Verkehr mehr als verrückt, überall laut hupende Autos und Motorräder. Wir brauchen für 21 Kilometer über eine Stunde und die ganze Fahrt kostet uns gerade einmal 4,50 €.
      Wir kommen in unserem Hostel an und sind froh erst einmal Ruhe zu haben.
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    • Day3


      July 11, 2022 in India ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

      We arrived at Abba and Aaji's house at about 12:00pm (just in time for lunch).
      It is nice to see abba and Aaji. We meet on rare occasions due ti the distance and our always engaged lives- School,work etc. It was a celebratory moment to meet my cousins Sachi and Vihaan after 6 years.Read more


      Margi “let your hair down “ and have a really good time!! Smile a lot. Laugh a lot too if you can. And do speak a whole lot!! Tell everyone about you!! but also hear what others say!! great to hear the stories of people. and then you realise that its not that different from you. after all we are all human beings trying to make our way in the world xxx

    • Day35

      Back to Mumbai

      February 18, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      Up early again, for the last time! Uber to the station and hopped on the train ahead of the typical 6am departure time. Not much to report from the train really, as it was just a repeat of the journey from a few days prior, except going in reverse!

      Since we were staying in a different part of Mumbai for our last stay (up north, near the airport), we decided to get out at a different station to what was on our ticket, and then make our way to the hostel from there. Another Uber, though this one was quite long as the traffic was fairly heavy. Still only a few dollars though which is nice - we'll definitely miss this.

      The hostel is fairly nice, we have a private room and the staff are quite friendly. Didn't really do anything for the afternoon other than chill out in the common room and in our room too. There was a kitchen on site so we just ate food from there, though we were a bit limited since we didn't have much cash left and weren't super inclined to head out and get more, given we're leaving soon and can't take rupees out of the country.
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