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  • Day28

    Antipasto for dinner

    September 23, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Because we can't possibly have walked enough today, Craig and I decided to find a delicatessen and buy some various antipasto ingredients for dinner tonight. Google Maps gave us an option which was a 3km round trip, which seemed reasonable for some authentic Roman fare. So off we set. Unfortunately, Erzinio Food has not lodged the correct opening details with Google Maps! Our other option was Roscioli which turned out to be a 4.2km round trip.

    Finding ourselves in a stuffed-to-the-hilt deli where everything was in Italian was only slightly daunting ;-) We walked away with fresh pesto, whole baby caramelised onions, artichoke hearts and more than what we asked for of the €150/kg prosciutto. It took him a good 20 minutes to cut the prosciutto by hand, so it was a bit of a masterpiece.

    Roscioli also had a forno (bakery) a little further down the lane, so we bought some crusty bread there from an equally stuffed-to-the-hilt-with-bread-and-people shop, and some cheese and salami and grapes from yet another shop, and our hunter-gatherer duties were done.

    A meal fit for a king, only topped by gelati from the shop downstairs (dangerous to live close to too many gelati shops!) I feel slightly vindicated by the additional 4.2km walk we squeezed in on top of all the other walking we did today.

    On the topic of lots of walking, and tangentially related... the kids are somewhat enamoured by the bidet and keep asking us if we have used it yet. After the extra walking this afternoon, I think the perfect use would be to fill it up with some warm water, add a splash of Radox, sit back on the loo next to it and soothe the sore feet!
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