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  • Day52

    Bartenstein AirBnB

    October 17, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Our AirBnB in northern Bavaria is marketed as a baroque-styled holiday house. It is absolutely enormous, but in a ghost town village. There is a little room at the front with its own entrance (not used anymore) which looks like the house may have been part of a telephone exchange, or possible used as a guesthouse or boarding house, as there are 8 little mailboxes in it. Next door is another room with an old fashioned telephone in it.

    There is another part of the house we don't have access to which looks like it might be derelict, although there is a top window open. Craig is hypothesizing a senile old lady lives there.

    The husband is also current debating if the ringing bells on the village gate, right next to our bedroom window, are actually ringing randomly in the middle of the night (I am fairly sure they stop chiming at midnight and don't start again until 6am), but he is adamant he heard them at 3am this morning. I have a feeling he has just set an alarm to check out this theory. So, if a 3am chiming village bell doesn't wake me, I guess the alarm clock will - joy!
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