Hey, am just a random friendly stranger. Adrenaline junkie and will go to lengths for culinary delights. Bt I find my happiness in picking up my backpack, putting on those headphones and heading outta d door! :D Oh, did I mention I can also breathe?
Living in: Hyderabad, India
  • Day3


    December 24, 2017 in India

    Anubhab turned to us, "Don't worry my boys, sleep early, I will wake you up at 3"

    Were the last words I heard before the alarm woke me up at 3:30am and I sat up to see Anubhab splayed out and snoring and Ankur snoring on the floor mattress. After kicking both up and readying we were off at 4am, riding on the chilly Mumbai Pune highway on our rented scooties.

    Frozen to the bone, we stopped at every bonfire at the side of the highway. And there were a lot of them. Quite a lot of travelers had ventured out at night, for the love of travelling. I remember gawking at the number of Harleys and Ducatis riding alongside us.

    First on the stop was Khandala, which we reached at sunrise. And let me tell you, there are few joys comparable to sipping a hot cuppa coffee atop a mountain, basking in the glow of a bonfire.
    The sun was completely up when we reached our second destination of Lonavala, Lion's Viewpoint, where Anubhab helped me with my first vlogging experience. It was a beautiful chasm spread out before me with clouds swirling in it. Breathtakingly beautiful.
    The sun has reached it's mid-journey as we wove our way downhill from Lonavala peak to Pawna Lake. The amazing roads and clear skies exalted our spirits. My photography suffered because of my over-enthusiasm for videography. And it is truly wonderful to record your memories on video. What can I say? I love a vlogging diary as much as blogging one.
    It's not possible to describe these places in just a few lines or pictures. I hope to do more visiting in the upcoming days. Pune is definitely one of the best places in India for a trip. Especially a motor-biking trip.
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  • Day1

    Soul searching enroute Solapur?

    December 22, 2017 in India

    Being the low budget but frolicking travellers that we always are, a decision to break at Solapur, enroute to Pune wasn't a surprising decision.
    What was surprising however, was the way we spent the hours there! From booking a bookie to book a bus, to hopping into the luggage space of autos to reach our destination. And let me tell you, painful experiences both! If you're a gentleman, book a cab and drive around. If you're one of us, walk the streets asking for the buses to Pune! Or as the Marathis say, "Bus thamba kutthe aahe?"
    But all was well when the day ended with the famous Solapuri Chicken and the local delicacy, Missel Pav! Lip smacking delicious!
    Oh did I also mention that today was my first try at vlogging and boy, do I suck at it!
    And thus started our first foray into the land of the Marathis! Chhan ahe!
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  • Day419

    Festival of Colours '17

    March 12, 2017 in India

    What is it about the way Indians celebrate Holi and Diwali that entices the entire world! And while Diwali is amazing in it's own right, Holi is where the fun and colours of life are associated.
    There is something in the way kids dump colours on each other and on unsuspecting elders that has caught the fancy of a nation. And why just colours? Look a little wider, and as soon as the colours are done, people turn to mud, earth and anything, just for an excuse to have fun!
    And of course the snobs. Those who love playing but has to give an earful to others about the dangers of synthetic colours. "No No, I toh don't play Holi only! My nah skin is allergic to colours. I use only real Ayurvedic colours!" And so saying, proceed to take out the same colours from an expensive container and smear them. And without saying, the Touch-me-nots. Those who put up a shrill fight as soon as someone comes near them with colour. "Oh my God! My face! My beauty." And the guys, who play with everything, but colour! Don't even guess what they do play with!

    Nevertheless, the culture and traditions associated with Holi has continued if not thriven which is why people still burn a bonfire for Holika Dahon on Holi Eve.
    Cheers to it continuing through lifetimes more. HOLI HAI!
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  • Day398

    Cherish your parents!

    February 19, 2017 in India

    A few things touch your life like nothing ever has and never will. Cherish Foundation brought back a meaning to my life and a purpose. Recuperating from an accident, these little kids and their smiles made me stand up again. Made me realise how much lucky I was! How very lucky I have been my entire life. :)

  • Day3570

    My country it's of thee!

    January 21, 2017 in India

    Do you know that thrill when you breathe in the clear country-side air, as you woosh by open fields and paddies, only to cough and choke on the sudden smell of dung and rot?
    Yeah, if you do, you know what I am talking about. So when I visited my country side relatives, after almost 10 years, it was a fond remembrance of how much I had loved this place.
    Clear skies and a slight chill greeted us during our morning ride. My father, a doctor, who still practices there had offered to bring us along. By the time we reached the place, I was dismayed to find that it was little like how I remembered it. The by-product of urbanization of cities has polluted the villages.
    Mere photographs cannot capture the thrill of looking over a village scene. The taste of country side food and of course the happiness at seeing people shocked at how much grown up I have become.
    I learnt two very important things that day. Looking at the people's profound, grateful reaction to my father's treatment, I realized that being attached to a person's roots is very important. And IT work was not the best line of work for me.
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  • Day3545

    Victoria's Secret!

    December 27, 2016 in India

    Victoria Memorial Grounds. Where love is in the air, parks, benches and lakes. The year round dating grounds for Calcutta's young lovers, turn into one big, merry, festive parkland during the cool winters. From kids chirping on trees to birds frolicking on the grounds, people and nature are indistinguishable on the green lawns. Picnics to games to lovers holding hands, the angel atop the memorial has been it all through the 80 odd years. When Lady Victoria made her palace, little did she know the respite she would bring to young lovers.Read more

  • Day143

    Morning ride!

    June 9, 2016 in India

    I jolted upright from my sleep only to realise it was my roommate standing there grinning sheepishly.
    "Why on earth did you wake me up this early in the morning?" I asked yawning.
    "Let's go for a ride", he said still grinning. "I know Hyderabad is not a city known for it's greenery, but I've found a perfect place to explore."

    And that's how we visited Kondapur, Ghatkesar. And boy, was I glad that I went along! It was a serene morning with stunning scenery and beautiful roads with a green canopy. See for yourself and tell me if you enjoy it or not!Read more

  • Day141

    Life at it's random best!

    June 7, 2016 in India

    Birthdays and gatherings! Outings and house parties! Life races by in a flash when you are not looking! Pictures speak a thousand words. Take a look and enjoy the captures of certain moments. In the end, we are left with fleeting memories and a click of what we're lucky enough to enjoy! Oh, and passed birthdays! *imitates Joey* O God why! we had deal not to grow old!!

  • Day118

    Hyderabad without kebabs?

    May 15, 2016 in India

    A place without it's native cuisine is like Nike without shoes! And is it possible to have the Land of the Nawabs without their Biriyani and Kebabs! The shayaar in me applauds the rhyme!
    The food connoisseur in me revels at the idea of tasting food in nooks and corners of this ancient city! Lemme string you along for the popular food ride

    Mendi: This popular dish was found by me, quite by accident, from my Sudanese friends, living next door. And I discovered to my surprise how popular it is during the month of Ramadan.

    Haleem: Every nook and corner of this city opens up a shop of haleem during the month of Ramadan. Ranging from local varieties to Iranian ones, the prices often vary from 50 bucks to a 1000

    Biriyani: Oh! So much Biriyani! Oh it's everywhere! What new do I say about this dish! It does vary greatly from the Biriyani I've tasted back home, but then Bengal is one of a kind!
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