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Wir fahren mit dem Rad von Hamburg ans Schwarze Meer :)
  • Day72

    Resting day

    July 16 in Bulgaria

    Today was resting day. Doing a bit of shopping in Karlovo, driving around three hours back to Sofia, tanning an hour at a lake, bringing back the rental car, cycling 45 minutes back to the city, getting to know nice people in the hostel and joining the pub crawl.

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  • Day71

    Botev Peak (2376m)

    July 15 in Bulgaria

    2376 m above sea level, Botev is the tallest peak in Stara Planina in the national park “Central Balkan”. "Balkan" is named by this mountain.

    After a windy night in the tent, I got up early and hiked up to the top. It got pretty foggy and the wind blew icy. The path varied from rocky climbs to a path in flower fields and was breathtaking in all meanings. It took me around 3hours to the top and then 7hours back to Kalofer. Including breaks I was hiking for 11,5 hours and unfortunately missed the path to the right valley because in the end, I followed a path to the neighboring valley. So, another walk and a hitchhike with Peter and Ivan to the city to get a cab/taxi. In a restaurant, it was impossible to find a driver even though the waitress tried, so I watched the first half of the final there, got to know some other hikers, had a beer with them and their drove me to my car during the break.

    I watched the rest of the second half with Peter and Ivan in a hut, another beer and was soo tired but happy to finally go to my apartment and only sleeeeeep.
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  • Day9

    Servicewagen macht schlapp

    July 15 in Austria

    Heute ging es nochmal auf 2758m hoch von der Schweizerseite aus.
    Oli machte seine Ankündigung: "Bei mir macht der Bus heut schlapp" wahr. Die Kupplung trennte zum Schluss nicht mehr und er schaffte es gerade noch auf den Campingplatz. Ein halber Liter Bremsflüssigkeit und anschließend Entlüftung haben das Problem vorübergehend entspannt.

  • Day70

    Out of comfort zone

    July 14 in Bulgaria

    Never hiked a 30km path up to 2400m and slept in a tent in the mountains? I had not - until today!

    Heavily overloaded with 4,25l of water, a tent for three, matress, sleeping bag and food for days, I hiked from the city Kalofer to Ray hut in the way to Botev peak in the afternoon. It took around 4hours.

    Luckily, there were many others doing the same, so next to the hut (that is sold out months ago) a lot of Bulgarians just camped. I was the only international. But I was quite happy about the people, so it was clear there will be no bears.

    The evening went away with a beer, a good conversation with Tanya and very strong cold winds
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  • Day69

    Today should have been a break day. But in the end it was three day trips in one :D Just too much too see here!

    In the Boyana District at the foot of the Vitosha mountain next to Sofia is a free water spring with drinking water. I watched for a while and was astonished how every two minutes a new pensioner walked trough the forest to the spring to fill up several 5l water bottles and to carry them away! So heavy. One old woman took a bag with rolls (in German: "Hackenporsche") to carry the weight. By asking why she takes the water from there, another old woman explained to me, it would be the best quality and would be very good for your eyes.
    So, I filled up my bottle and hoped to digest it well.

    Then, I made it to the Rila monastery (the Jerusalem of Bulgaria). Build over 8000 years ago. 60 monks still live there. It was a place that kept Bulgarian cultural thinking during the Turkish leadership in Bulgaria for several hundred years. The founder of it lived 17 years alone on a rock in the mountains and was a big role model for others... well...

    Then, I made it to Plovdiv after many more hours of driving on really bad roads. A local explained to me that it is the easiest for corruptive politicians to take money from the roads when receiving EU funding. They have the streets build it in poor quality and take the rest of the money. Would it be better to stop EU funds for streets when there's corruption? I thought long about it but would prefer to put better controls in place. There are at least streets!

    The old city of Plovdiv with all its restaurant, bars, students and artists took me into its ban.
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  • Day7

    Käserei Besichtigung

    July 13 in Switzerland

    Nach anfänglicher Fahrt durch Städte mit Stau und lustiger Ampelschaltung (1sek rot dann wieder grün), kamen am Mittag wieder schöne Strecken.
    Wir hielten bei einem Bauer an, um Käse zu kaufen und bekamen gleich noch eine Käserei Besichtigung

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