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  • Day169


    April 26, 2018 in Peru ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Coming from the stunning and well maintained Arequipa, the town of Ica has been a bit of a shocker.
    The environment around changed to a dessert like scenery and the town itself is rather worn down and very dirty. It suffered several bad earthquakes and it shows everywhere.
    Our main goal here is to visit the Oasis Huacachina and national park Paracas with its "poor man Galapagos".
    We decided to explore the town by joining city tour that will end with trip to Huacachina.
    The city tour itself has been waste of time as the town is not really nice.
    We were quite excited about visiting local wineries that were part of the tour. After being to several wine tasting back home and few really nice ones in Argentina, the Peruvian experience didn't really deliver.
    I think they have to learn a lot about customer service and get their act together a little bit. The wine itself was very sweet and not as nice. On the other side, the Pisco was lovely and very smooth.
    The second bodega was rather interesting as we got to try wine of year 2018 that has been poured to our plastic mini cups by bamboo stick.
    From here we headed towards Cachiche where was a statue of a witch that lived locally, at least from what we understood and after that a palm tree with seven heads.
    From here we could finally head towards Huacachina and the main attraction of the buggie rides.
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