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  • Day2

    Kaz & The Aussie Battler in Bali

    November 10, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Things started off pretty slow after our flight was delayed by five hours and we were definitely flying red eye which didn’t suit me at all. The Aussie Battler (TAB) seemed to cope better than me as he’d just come off two night shifts so was tired enough to actually get some sleep.

    I’d planned to binge watch Bodyguard on Netflix but only got through two episodes before needing sleep but it was a rough night of bits and pieces of dozing. I was clock-watching too much so the flight took forever but the inevitable happened and we finally landed in Denpasar.

    We got through customs fairly quickly and were greeted with many cab drivers asking “taxi?” But Jack had organised us a driver as he’d only been here last week. It was all very easy and we hit the road to Ubud, although Goosti our driver informed us central Ubud was a 40 minute drive but it was an hour and ten minutes to where we were going.

    We’d been here around 20 years ago and when we hit Ubud there was nothing in particular that was familiar but I remember it being hilly. One bonus of driving through the night meant there was no traffic so we had an easy run. We stopped at a convenience store on the way for some water and an ATM and we went past a market that was in full swing, even though it was only 4am local time.

    We drove into the middle of nowhere through villages, on narrow roads and down some extremely steep hills. Brad and I had envisaged hiring push bikes to ride into Ubud but there was no way that was happening! When we arrived we were greeted by some beautiful outdoor seating areas with amazing bamboo structures and the temperature was quite cooler than I expected.

    We were taken to our villa which was a three bedroom but we only had access to one room which was the master bedroom, which was completely fine. All three rooms open fire to the private pool area which is surrounded by beautiful tropical garden and a stunning living area which is covered but completely open - love it!

    The master bedroom has a stunning four posted bed with curtains and is exactly what I would love to have at home! The bonus was that the bed was actually comfortable which isn’t too common in Asia as they typically have very firm beds. This was just what we needed after a shower and our heads hitting the pillow at 5am which was 8am at home - it had been a long night.

    We woke at 8 and went for breakfast as we were starving. We got to choose what we wanted to eat from a menu which was structured like a typical buffet breakfast would be - juice, coffee, fresh fruit, danishes, cereal and a main meal. I went with the egg white omelette to try and get some veggies into me and Brad went straight for the local food with Nasi Goreng.

    We were definitely out in the boonies but weren’t up for exploring as we still felt half asleep so went back to bed, waking at around 12.30 as the room was so hot. We had the ceiling fan going but not the air con - lesson learned. It was time for the pool which Brad jumped straight into but I took my time as it was quite cool.

    Today has consisted of swimming, drinking and lounging by the pool. It’s been the perfect day one to wind down and make the most of our amazing accommodation. Brad has looked up a few places to visit and eat at tomorrow so a bit of exploring will be on the agenda.

    We went for a walk up the road for half an hour and realised how remote we are. We are on a narrow road surrounded by rice paddies and some houses here and there. People were driving past on motor bikes with big palm fronds balancing on their head and it puts things into perspective about how different life is here compared to home.

    Everyone was very friendly though and liked to say hello as they rode past or we walked past. We are really glad that we’ve started the trip off here as we couldn’t be anymore immersed in the local culture than what we are now. Although once we got back to the retreat the contrast between here and out there really smacks you in the face.

    We went straight to the restaurant for some drinks and food. We were the only ones there for a bit until an older couple from Perth came in. They said they are here for five days and are concerned about staying so long. I agree that five days will be too much in such a secluded area - they got out today and we plan to do that tomorrow then we leave the following day which I think should work out nicely.

    We had a couple of mango daiquiris although they weren’t as strong as we’d normally make them - still nice though. Then we had rice paper rolls, a selection of satay sticks and roast duck with a corona. It was all really nice and it’s more expensive here than the general cost of food which is to be expected in a hotel restaurant but Its still very reasonable in the scheme of things.

    The night finished off quite young but without complaint as it was the perfect day to kick off the trip.
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