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  • Day27

    Trying out diffent kinds of food

    August 29, 2017 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    The indonesian cuisine is different from Thai, Vietnames or Indian food. A lot of ingredients are fried or deep fried, drinks tend to be awefully sweet, it's a challenge to find dishes with a lot of vegetables not to mention salads. Rice (nasi) is very common and dishes are usually VERY spicy (And I love spicy food). But there are a lot of dishes and drinks to discover. You've got an amazing choice of fruits and you CAN get any kind of vegetable on the market and make European style salad. You can even find feta cheese in the supermarket, however for the price of about 8 Euro for 200 gr. Muesli without sugar can be bought for about 12 Euro (400 gr), Yoghurt costs about 3 Euro (500 gr.). So I've started to eat porridge for breakfast :-) I try to go to local small warungs (little simple restaurants) as often as possible, however during the week I eat at school. We've got a really good choice of indonesian food at two different warungs and a cafeteria which serves both, western and indonesian food. You never go hungry in this country!Read more