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    Packing List for 4 months

    December 11, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ -5 °C

    Before we go on our longer trips, we have a routine that we follow. We always get our hair cut, get flu shots, then head to the dentist who checks for loose fillings or potential problems. Then a visit to the doctor to get prescriptions for antibiotics for stomach, ear or respiratory issues. This year, I sprained my tooth two weeks before our trip! Imagine a sprained molar! I had to get a night guard ‘splint’ made and some meds to calm down the ligaments.

    It seems that we always pick up a cold about a week into our trip (the flight?) and it is best to be ready for it, so...I packed Tylenol p.m. tablets, Neocitron, and Ricola cough/sore throat candies. We have found that a good night time decongestant or cough suppressant has been hard to find in some countries.

    From what we have read, the weather in Mexico and New Zealand will be very pleasant with daytime temperatures in the 20s C. and cooler nights. Perfect. No reason to take heavy clothes.

    By the way, just for some interesting information, here is a basic starter list of clothing I found on one of my searches, which just about covers everything:


    2 long sleeved shirts
    2 short sleeved shirts
    2 tank tops (shells) for layering
    1 lightweight sweater, preferably merino, (or cashmere)
    1 fleece or down vest
    1 pair jeans
    1 pair long pants
    1 pair capri/shorts
    1 pair leggings
    1 skirt/dress
    7 pairs underwear
    3 pairs light socks
    1 pair heavy socks
    3 bras
    bathing suit
    waterproof travel jacket and fleece

    -------Connie's Packing List-----

    Main Pack: eBag TLS Mother Lode Weekender Junior Convertible (3 lb 11
    Travelon Packable Crossbody Tote (personal item, laundry bag, grocery bag, Packable)
    Red Kipling crossbody purse


    Eagle Creek Pack-It 1/2 Cube #1 - Contents
    1 sleeveless top (black) (light-weight, loose-fitting, quick-dry)
    4 short-sleeved t-shirts (Blue, grey, green, black)

    Eagle Creek Pack-It 1/2 Cube #2 - Contents
    1 black long sleeved T-shirt
    1 black leggings
    1 Eddie Bauer skirt
    1 loose rayon dress

    Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube #3 - Contents
    6 pairs of underwear
    2 bras (black and beige)
    1 pyjama bottom
    2 pairs of light socks
    1 pair of Smartwool hiking socks

    Mesh Bag
    1 - 2 piece bathing suit - bottom works as short shorts

    Bottom of Pack

    1 pair of Kuhl Splash quick-dry hiking pants
    1 pair of grey lightweight The Northface pants
    2 pair Kuhl capris/shorts (grey, beige)

    In the pack pockets

    Marmot Precip rainshell
    Skechers Gowalk sneakers
    iPad Air 2 and keyboard
    Led Flashlight (Mark’s)

    Toiletries in a Toiletry Bag and a Clear Bag for Liquids

    3 oz of shampoo/conditioner
    Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF 30 sunscreen
    Toothpaste, toothbrush and cap, and floss
    Small bar of soap
    Razor and blades
    Finger nail clippers
    Makeup (eye shadow, mascara, blush, eye liner, lipstick)
    hair clips,elastics
    Safety Pins, 2 clothespins, rubber bands
    Laundry soap, line and flat stopper

    Wear on plane

    1 black tunic top
    1 blue thin cardigan sweater
    1 pair of lightweight black jeans
    1 light black fleece jacket
    1 pair of compression socks
    Running shoes ON Cloud (new)
    Passport pouch

    Personal Item - Packable Travelon Crossbody Tote/ Laundry bag

    Kipling purse
    Small packs of kleenex and a change purse
    Alarm clock
    Luggage combination locks (no keys!) and a few plastic zip tie wraps
    Passport, ID Photocopies of front and back of all cards and page 4 of passport
    Health Insurance cards
    Eyeglass prescriptions
    Money (Euros)
    ATM card/VISA cards (Note: 4 digit ATM pin)
    N.Z. Guidebook and a small map; trip information
    iPad mini

    Addresses and phone numbers on ipad
    Family and Ontario photos on the ipad
    Mini calendar and small pen
    2 Moleskin books
    Extra Pens/pencils
    Door stopper (for security)
    Ziplock freezer bags
    Airline Tickets

    ----------------------Chris' Packing List ---------------------

    Main Pack: eBag TLS Mother Lode Weekender Junior Convertible (3 lb 11 oz)
    Day Pack: Onsight 15 L Daypack (1 lb 1oz)


    Eaglecreek Pack-It 1/2 Cube #1 - Contents
    3 short-sleeved Icebreaker Tech T light Tshirts (light weight, loose-fitting, quick-dry)
    1 golf shirt
    1 blue plaid long-sleeved shirt

    Eaglecreek Pack-It Cube #2 - Contents
    5 pairs underwear (Saxx)
    1 pair of pyjama bottoms
    4 pairs socks

    Mesh Bag
    Bathing trunks
    Ball cap

    1 pair of black, lightweight Arterex pants
    1 pair of green Arterex quick dry pants
    2 pairs of Kuhl shorts
    Marmot Precip rain jacket
    Haviannas flip flops

    Wear on plane
    1 pair of Levi 541 denim jeans
    1 Belt
    1 Icebreaker t-shirt
    1 Icebreaker hoodie
    1 icebreaker full zip jacket with zippered pockets
    1 pair of Smartwool socks
    ON Cloudventure Waterproof trail shoes
    Passport pouch
    Motorola G5 Plus phone

    Travel Necessities

    Wallet and Change purse
    Luggage combination locks (no keys)
    Passport, ID and Photocopies of fronts and backs of all cards and passport
    Health Insurance card
    Prescription for eyeglasses
    Money/ATM card/VISA card

    3 oz containers of shampoo/conditioner
    Small packaged hotel soaps were put in Pack-It bags (keep clothes smelling nice)
    Toothpaste, toothbrush and cap, and softpicks
    Razor/blades/tube of shaving creme
    Eye glasses prescription

    Gear organizer bag
    Mini Anker portable battery charger
    Sony mini bluetooth speaker (love it!)

    Personal Backpack

    Small First Aid kit (with only a few of each of the following) - Tylenol, Ibuprofin, Aspirin, Peptobismol, Gravol (Dramadine), Imodium, Hydrocortizone, Bandaids, Chapstick, Alcohol Prep Pads, Polysporin, Eye drops, Ear drops, Vaseline, Benadryl night, Sudafed, Cepacol lozenges, allergy pills, Magnesium for sleep, Small Sewing kit and Eyeglasses screwdriver

    LED flashlight
    iPad mini
    Snacks - Coconut chips, nuts, chocolate
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