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  • Day9

    Walk to Boca de Lagunillas

    January 9 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Three weeks ago, I sprained my back. The doctor suggested that I see a physiotherapist who kindly saw me on an almost daily basis for the 2 weeks before travelling. She used a variety of methods to relax the muscle including dry needling and she gave me a belt to wear when walking. At the end of the two weeks, I was feeling that I could handle the flight and it all went well. Today, we went for a 6 km walk and it wasn’t too bad! Thank you Hilary for your care. It worked!

    We decided to follow the dirt road that we live on, to the end. It turned out to be a pleasant and Interesting walk in the country. At first, we saw hotels, El Munro was one. The little houses with dogs, chickens and pigs. Mango orchards and areas with tall coconut palm trees . Most of our walk was in the shade.

    Then we were surprised when we came to a large and beautiful river. Across the river was a village, Boca de Lagunillas. The birds here were plentiful! We happened to see a couple of hanging cacique nests and the beautiful bird himself. At a later time, I will do a bird blog with our friend Pat’s help. We may need our real camera to take those photos.

    Walking along the river, we heard a big splash and then saw a truck fording the river to cross to the other side. The water came up to its floorboards! On the other side of the river are kayaks that belong to a eco travel company in Troncones. Birding trips down the river with a guide can be arranged.

    Walking a little further upriver, we encountered an elderly man who was digging something in the river. We said, hi, and he was happy to talk to us when he realized we spoke and understood Spanish.

    He told us that there had been a concrete bridge at one time (we saw the remains of it) but floods during rainy season had destroyed it. Now, to cross the river, vehicles had to drive through it to the other side. He showed us a place that we could cross that was much shallower. The other options are to take a horse across or a little boat.

    Walking home, we saw several little houses with kids, dogs, chickens and pigs playing outside. Motorcycles seemed to be the main mode of transportation here.. We even saw a tiny ‘corner store’ with cold drinks and a few necessities.

    We will definitely do this walk again, early in the morning. It was lovely and mostly in the shade.
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    Je trouvais Connie que tu semblais triste sur les photos. J’avais dit à Claude que tu étais peut-être insécure. Alors, je comprends peut-être que c’est l’inquiétude en lien avec le mal de dos. Je n’étais pas au courant de ceci.


    Absolutely not!!!!!! We love it here. It is an awesome place!!! I’ll try to smile more in the photos. One of our favourite places.


    Btw, more photos coming. Chris is putting them in.