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  • Day22

    Goats and then Coconut Shrimp at Emilios

    January 22 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We kept hearing about a new restaurant in Majahua called Emilios. People raved about their coconut shrimp and we were ready to try them out.

    But first…A herd of 15+ goats had invaded the yard and were headed for the newly planted bougainvillea plants! Chris, the hero in most of my stories, rushed out to shoo them away. He used his most ferocious ‘shoo-the-Canada- Geese’ voice that he uses at the cottage. The goats scampered away from the flowers but occasionally grabbed at the green weeds, which was okay.

    Most of the goats stuck together in their herd but two of them ran in the other direction. So while Chris went to get them, the others went to the back of the yard and pooped all over. Once again, I was laughing at the herding technique Chris was using. A good dog would have done better, I think, but whatever technique he used, he got the goats to run through the broken fence that they had come through and back into the jungle.

    The photos that I took weren’t great as I was taking them using my iPad on the run, this way and that. Goats move quickly when threatened.

    After that episode, it was time to find Emilios. That was easy. In Majahua, there is a clear sign advertising the restaurant. We were the only people there so we had a wonderful experience.

    Chickens, yes those Majahua chickens again, were running around the sand floor of the restaurant pecking at any bugs that were there. A young teenager showed us his new fishing boat and motor. He was fishing on the beach using a long fishing rod. People were swimming and the waitress rested in a hammock while she waited for our food to be done.

    Chris had the best Margarita that he has ever had. Small but mighty! I enjoyed a refreshing Limonada while we waited.

    The meal was excellent. We had six giant coconut shrimp, French fries, rice and a salad. I think that our meal with the drinks and tips cost us $40. We intend to go back, sometime during our stay.

    From chasing goats to eating coconut shrimp with chickens. What a good day!
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    Looks soo delicious!!


    The seafood here is fresh and tasty. [C]


    So much for a restful stay, chasing goats and going on an expedition to find lost glasses. Never a dull moment!


    Keeps us busy, that’s for sure! [C.]