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  • Day28

    Expect the Unexpected

    January 28 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Yesterday, we went to a highly recommended beach-side restaurant in Majahua called Un Pedacito de Ciel, a little piece of heaven. We had heard that their Red Snapper dish was delicious so that is what we ordered. The waitress also mentioned that a customer-favourite appetizer was the sashimi so we ordered that also, and two Coronas.

    The restaurant is close to the beach so it is breezy and it has a great view.

    Well, the food couldn’t have been better. It was presented beautifully and was delicious. The total bill for the two of us ended up being close to $50.

    It took a little while to get our bill but when the waitress gave it to us with an apology, she said that when you are in Mexico, you have to expect the unexpected. Now, how true is that! I wish I had known that expression earlier. It’s great!

    So … to prove that that statement is true, a funny thing happened this morning. In our kitchen, there is a burlap shopping bag with a few bags inside of it. I wanted to take a few beer cans to Andrea the baker, so I reached into the bag to get a plastic bag to put them into. I happened to look inside and I noticed the big boy that you will see in the photo below. Well, Chris, my hero, came to the rescue again. I did want a photo. Haha. He took the bag and tried to shake the critter out but he/she didn’t want to come out. And it looked like he was getting ready to jump. Chris finally got it out, took the photo and it ran away. Apparently, they can run fast!

    Expect the unexpected.

    A few minutes later, I saw a praying mantis on the handle of my pot, a moth/ butterfly on a spoon in my dish rack and another lime green moth/butterfly on the countertop. Chris scooped out a drowned chameleon from the pool and a bloated frog. And then we sat and watched a couple of large iguanas interact in the front yard.

    Yes, in Mexico, expect the unexpected.
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    Viva la Corona!


    Miam! Miam!!!


    Mante religieuse!

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