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  • Day10

    The Island

    January 1 in Panama ⋅ 🌙 79 °F

    So we are actually not on an island but may as well be. Can’t get here by road. Over priced boat taxi only. Like NYC.
    Ok. So this place is a big rock and not a level one. The walk from our casita to Frank’s bar is 1/4 mile. Easy! Hell no. It’s been Caroline and my ambition to get to Frank’s without needing a shower when we got there. See photo.

    We did do a good walk yesterday. About 2.5 miles. But I kid you not it felt like 5. The inclines are something else.
    Enough whining. Did I tell you about the biting insects? Ha!

    So for $150 all-in per night we get basic digs, three good meals per day, and a 150 acre playground with three beautiful beaches. Not too shabby. And we get Frank....

    The cabin next to ours is vacant so we now have two bathrooms. Hooray
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