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  • Day31

    The bells chime

    January 22 in Panama ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

    Lockdown requires that one listens to the world around us. Panama City, a city of over one million people is so peaceful. I hear the shallow waves crashing five hundred feet away.
    A part of me wants to be out there walking around seeing other people, lapping up Panama City. But it’s only waves. It’s fantastic.
    I think what we have been blessed with in this pandemic is a silence, a time to appreciate, a time to reflect.
    I remind Caroline when my heart is in my mouth. (She’s driving) that life is a journey. I want to push the finish line out as far as I can. To continue to explore and embrace a different way of traveling.
    Like when I was growing up, the church bells ring every hour on the hour.
    Thanks Airbnb
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