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  • Day14

    Dragon Bridge fire show

    July 2, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌙 31 °C

    We learn that the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang breaths fire at 9pm every weekend. It's Sunday and the only weekend night that we will be in the area so we ride the 45 minutes to Da Nang to see the spectacle. And what fun it is. There are thousands of people milling around taking photos, chatting and waiting for the show. We eat Baskin Robbins ice creams to cool ourselves from the heat while wathing the people. It's so much fun to be at a festival.

    At 9pm the dragon breaths fire. Balls of flame shoot from it's mouth. The people standing on the bridge must feel the heat. Oohs and aahs rise from the crowded bridge and riverbank, proving once again that we humans are more alike than different. After breathing fire the dragon sprays water. The crowd and cars on the bridge get soaked. We can hear the squeals of delight from our vantage point.
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