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  • Day2

    ¡Ya llegamos en España!

    June 20, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    We have arrived! And so did Maria’s suitcase AND lithium battery! We are staying here, in the most amazing location ever!!! This is all according to Melinda. Maria spent one jet lagged day in Madrid back in the 80s and was barely conscious for the taxi ride today (night #2 of no sleep...that’s the bad news...the good news? Apparently no sleep and constant tossing and turning are excellent for back pain!) Maria doesn’t even really have confirmation that we are in Madrid.

    However, Maria has completed her “back to Europe” ritual, so it’s official that she is at least in Europe. This ritual consists of entering an apartment building, looking for the stairway light switches, and instead ringing Every Single Doorbell on the floor. She thinks people think it’s charming. AirBnB thinks it’s why vacation rentals are being banned from major cities😬

    Melinda chatted with the taxi driver the whole way to the apartment. Amelie said she only understood “un poquito” which was a bit of an understatement. Ian couldn’t remember if “derecha” or “izquierda” was “left” (as in a directional) 🤦‍♀️ But most shockingly, Maria forgot that Fanta Limon was now a required beverage at every chance. How could she forsake her beloved lemon beverage?!

    We are now taking on Madrid by storm...and by that, I mean we are napping because we are old and sad and can’t sleep on a plane nor function without sleep anymore.

    Next up: It took us twice as long to reach the apartment because they are filming a movie and roads are blocked or congested (photo of taxi driver squeezing down street)...Melinda’s goal is to be “una extra.” 😂
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