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  • Day44

    Warsaw to Wroclaw

    October 15, 2019 in Poland ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Anne reporting (Maurice continues to be a lazy bastard).

    And we are off again. Our trip to Wroclaw should take about 3 1/2 hours via the motorway. Maurice is going to have trouble getting back to travelling the 100km speed limit when we get home. We stopped at a little village along the way to stretch the legs and have a little lunch. Gnocchi and chicken with a side of slaw ( I know 😮 but it actually worked) and yes I gave the Italian another shot. Hopefully no hiccups. We got to Wroclaw around 2.30 and located the motel (best western) but it took us about 4 goes to get onto the street. It’s a bit like driving in Victoria - trams everywhere and if you want to turn left you need to get into the tram took us a couple of go’s to finally work it all out and then closed our eyes and hoped for the best 😎😎. Booked in and we were off exploring. We are a 2 minute walk to the old town and double WOW - what a hidden gem Wroclaw is. The buildings and square.....just magnificent. We climbed a church tower and got some amazing views of the city. We have attached a photo of the folk story behind the bridge - only wished we had that hanging up in our house when we had teenagers. We had dinner in the square - shared a pizza and gelato (I know - lots of trust in the Italians). We went for a walk along the river just as the lights were turning on and came across a church. They were in the middle of mass but we stayed a couple of minutes to take in the surroundings. The entire roof was painted - a little like a Michelangelo, just beautiful. As I said, a magical place and definitely one to put on your to visit list.Read more