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  • Day22

    Honduras in a day!

    January 24, 2017 in Honduras ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Disappointed we didn't spend more time in Honduras but I guess you can't do everything.

    They used to drive to the coast but the tour buses kept on getting robbed! So you have to fly and given that, the company decided to go to a beach resort in El Salvador instead.

    What we did was great though.
    The hot springs and the Copan ruins.

    Got up early and wandered around the town which was nice and peaceful at that hour and watched all the street businesses setting up.

    I went on a guided tour of the ruins which I won't do again - three hours of non stop talking - way too much information. I'd rather google the information I am interested in and wander around the ruins in my own time.

    There were not many people there and it would have been so peaceful except for the non stop talking. But he was just doing his job and was very passionate about it.

    Then back to town for lunch in last night's restaurant. I didn't have much time so I ordered to go. They said 10 minutes but I thought more like 25 minutes. Close it was 30 minutes. Then a mad rush up a hill to the hotel for our departure to El Salvador.

    I spoke to the restaurant owner, who I thought had to be a westerner for the quality of the food, the menu and the decor. He has been in Honduras for 15 years and sounded american. He also has a little hotel attached to the restaurant and runs tours! He said his main business comes from middle class Hondurians and that he tries to pay more than the average wage.
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