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  • Day3

    Sint Maarten/Saint-Martin

    January 7 in Saint Martin ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Ok on this trip I am looking for the idyllic carribean island. Its not here.

    The island is the smallest landmass in the world that is governed by two nations.

    Not much architecturally to look at, no doubt successive hurricanes have destroyed anything of note and it was devastated by the last hurricane.

    We went on a fairly boring tour on which the two Macdonalds and a Burgar King were pointed out to us.

    In describing the difference between the two sides our guide said the dutch side has casinos and the french nude sunbaking.

    I'm told it has some of the best carribean beaches but we didn't see any.

    We did see some gorgeous orange iguanas which apparently the locals eat.

    The tour should have taken us to the beach where the planes fly over really low. We are just shown the airport.

    Arrived back at the ship depressed and wondering if every port town was going to be a dump and the tours as boring as todays.

    Ate alot of ice cream.

    The photos make it look alot better than it is!
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