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  • Day14

    Tromso to Narvik

    January 30 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ -6 °C

    Leisurely morning in Tromso. We got a late checkout so we could rest and I totally re packed the bags so we only need one meaning we can leave the other one on the bus. This makes a huge difference.

    Four hour drive to Narvik.

    Narvik is just a stopover but the big news is there is a bath! Yay!

    Nothing else to say except that the guide suggested we all change seats and this couple took mum's easy access seat! WT...!!!

    Ok I am back again. Had a lovely bath but plug wouldn't come out and reception wouldn't answer so down I go in my thongs and nightie. Apparently there are only two people on duty in this high rise hotel and nobody can get the plug out so we have to change rooms! Of course there is no help in changing rooms or apology. Oh and my card wouldn't work and mum couldn't get the door to open so the lazy rude receptionist had to leave her post to rescue mum!

    This is the scandic chain of hotels which we have been staying in. Random standards and service.

    In Tromso we stayed in the new Clarion Edge hotel which was fantastic with the most beautiful toiletries.

    Anyway in the morning I realised I haf left my shoes and socks in the old room so asked the cleaners who had just finished making up the room and they said there were no shoes. Of course I go in and there they are. Makes you wonder about the cleaning standards, and their eyesight. Then a sock was missing so I check everywhere then ask the cleaners who tell me they threw it out. Can't even begin.

    Ok I need to end this entry!
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