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  • Day36

    Day 13: head in the clouds

    June 19, 2016 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 4 °C

    Today was especially fun! And the weather was all over the place.

    In the morning, I climbed to the top of Rondslottet (2178 m), the highest peak in Rondane national park. I had camped right at the bottom of the ascent, so I could leave my tent and backpack and hike up just with my small day pack. I felt light as a feather ;) And the sky was blue. I was super excited. The climb was steep and included lots of scrambling and later a few snow fields. Around 10:30 I was on the top. By now the peak itself was covered in clouds, but the view on the way up had been amazing already so I just enjoyed having made it :) Going down was total fun. On the side of the trail was a large snow field, which now became my slope! I slid down almost all the way, it was fantastic.

    Getting back to my tent, it had started hailing, so I had to pack it up from the inside first and the rain cover at the very end. Now followed 2 hours through hail and snow. I was not cold for a second and quite enjoyed the change. And since the weather kept changing around all day, of course there was more sun, snow, rain, sun and then rain again. And now that I've camped it's nice and friendly weather.

    The scenery was lovely all day and I loved being in a small forest towards the late afternoon (being so high up above the tree line makes me miss the green after a few days).

    Now I'm bundled up in my sleeping bag and ready for dreamland!
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