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  • Day20


    September 17, 2017 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 48 °F

    What a tough day walking up mountains on trails full of boulders, then no beds so we slept on the tile floor in the reception area, then no internet. It was good to have a warm dry place to sleep though as it was getting cold outside by 1:00pm. As we were eating dinner, about a kilometer away from the albergue, we started talking with the German lady sitting alone at the next table who was also staying in the albergue. She introduced herself as sybile and when she heard I was from Utah asked if I was Mormon. I responded that I was Catholic and walking for religious reasons as many people who walk are just on holiday. She said she was Anglican and also walking for religious reasons. She sure was shocked when I said Sybile Yates? I know her from the Camino forum and her husband is an Anglican priest. She lives in Santiago de Compostela and has two rooms for Pilgrims. I had no idea she was walking the Camino and was already planning to stay with her in Santiago. It turns out that she is leading a group of Pilgrims on their Camino to Santiago for two weeks and will be there the day before us.Read more