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    • Day 7

      Journée ludique sur la côte Pacifique

      March 17 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      Un petit tour au marché pour le plein de fruits frais, un passage à la poste pour chercher quelque timbres pour le traditionnel envoi de cartes postales mais aucun courrier ne part du Nicaragua cause Covid ! Un peu de route à travers les plantations de canne à sucre pour arriver sur la côte pacifique dans un village de vacances où nous serons les seuls clients, balade en kayak dans la mangrove,. Baignade dans les vagues puis( final par une promenade à cheval ( une première) sur la plage pendant deux heures au rythme du coucher de soleil . Retour pour le dîner. Mais Jean mi tu n'aurais pas oublié tes lunettes de soleil à la paillote a mi parcours ? Francisco, tu peux m'y emmener ? Et ben non elles ne sont pas là....enfin ça n'empêche pas de dîner.....Read more


      Il fallait bien un oubli quelque part et si ce n'est que les lunettes ça va 😅🥰

      ❤ [Bea]


      Sportif ce voyage ! kayak, cheval et tout le reste ,🤗🤗 toujours magnifique !

    • Day 40


      March 10 in Nicaragua

      Jiquilillo ist ein kleines Fischerdorf an der nördlichen Pazifikküste Nicaraguas. Mit einem Umstieg kommt man dort nach ein paar Stunden von León aus mit dem Bus an. Wir steigen direkt vor der Unterkunft aus, doch sie sind nicht über unsere Reservierung informiert.

      Kein Problem, es gibt nur Kommunikationsschwierigkeiten, genügend Betten sind frei. Denn zusammen mit dem anderen Backpacker im Bus sind wir die einzigen Touristen hier. In der Unterkunft, aber vermutlich auch im ganzen Dorf.

      Hier gibt es nicht viel zu tun, so kann man für ein paar Tage die Ruhe genießen und die hektischen Städte hinter sich lassen. Der Strand ist meistens menschenleer. Hin und wieder baden ein paar Einheimische im Meer, abends ziehen die ganzen Fischerboote los. Eine unbefestigten Straße führt durch das Dorf, ein paar sandige Nebenstraßen führen zwischen Häusern hindurch. Überall laufen neben Hunden auch Hühner, Küken und Ziegen von einem Garten in den anderen. Jemand spielt laut Musik ab, während andere ihre Hütten bedachen oder neu streichen. Es riecht nach Lagerfeuer. Hin und wieder verirrt sich eine Kuh auf das Grundstück unseres Hotels und wird prompt von den Hunden herausgetrieben.

      Wir besuchen ein Meeresschildkröten Rescue Center. Ein paar Menschen fangen die Schildkröteneier ein, bevor sie von anderen Menschen gegessen werden. Sie ziehen sie groß und lassen sie dann frei ins Meer.

      Der Fisch den wir zum Abendessen bekommen wurde in der Nacht zuvor gefangen und schmeckt unglaublich gut.
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    • Day 1

      Enfin arrivés à destination

      January 31, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

      Après une longue journée de transport, on arrive finalement au resort Coco Loco à la noirceur vers 20h30. Le dernier bout de route de terre était assez rough : on devait rouler à 5 ou 10 km/h. Je suis affamé. Heureusement un excellent repas nous attend.

      Notre cabana est spacieuse et bien aménagée. Il y a 3 lits donc si on se chicane on va être OK ;-) Les toilettes sont bio, j’ajouterai quelque chose là dessus plus tard 💩

      J’ai hâte de voir le resort à la lumière du jour.
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      Poisson, riz et légumes


      Brownies et crème glacée à la vanille

    • Day 7

      Waves of Hope

      February 6, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      I thought I would have a huge head ache this morning. Thankfully is not too bad :) We drank a lot last night celebrating the birthday boys. Ben had lots of fun :)

      This morning we go surfing at 6:30 for optimal conditions. I catch some nice waves, I think I am ready for the next level of surfing higher on the wave. I tried a couple of attempts but have not been able to stand too long. I think I need a few tips and tricks to get on at this height.

      For Yoga we have a different session today. Kathy has asked that we do a typical Ashtanga class. This style of yoga is set of sequences that must be followed and of specific durations based on your breathing. Basia explains the different movements and makes us go through the sequence of movements. We skip many of the movements as it could take us a very long time to complete all the sequences. We also lack the flexibility to perform many of the poses. All in all we still get quite the workout as the movements are to be done without stopping.

      We eat breakfast and then get ready to go see the help and work that was brought to the community from Waves of Hope. Initially Jamie and his friends raised money from family and friends in Canada and today tries to get help from a variety of sources. We start by visiting an elementary school that was recent built and this is their first week of school. The school is well built and has all the basics needed for the kids. A communal water supply was also built and all the houses nearby can come get access to clean water. We also visit a high school where about 200 kids attend. There are about 60 kids that graduate each year. Waves of Hope sponsors 20 kids per year to go to university. It costs around $40 a month per kid to go to university here.

      Once back at the resort we have another great window to go surfing again. Many of us head out, the waves are even better than this morning. We have tons of fun.

      After that great workout we watch the sunset over the ocean. We finish the day with a restorative yoga session. We do very relaxing and supporting poses. It feels great. I almost fall asleep twice. Supper is served around 8 and we chill the rest of the evening.

      Sleep will come easy tonight.
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      Wow, là on a la preuve. Bravo!

    • Day 5

      Rest day

      February 4, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

      Hmmmm. Something I ate is not setting well with my bowels. This morning I feel pretty bloated and have discomfort in my belly. I think it my have been the Tzaziki that we ate yesterday. Boot Camp is thankfully cancelled as the surf time is at 6:30 am due to the tides.

      Both Ben and I skip surfing this morning. Instead we have coffee and relax. We still head to the beach to watch how the surfers are doing with the waves.

      Yoga starts at 8:30. The session is not extremely challenging but I do not feel any better. Everytime we do a twist my belly tells me to watch out. I listen to my body and make smaller movements or take breaks when needed. At the end of the session I feel awful.

      I'm still hungry even though I don't feel the best. I have a smaller breakfast and avoid foods that could cause some discomfort. I decide to take it easy for the rest of the day ad chill in a shaded area by the beach. Some of the folks decide to go play in the water and it looks like fun. I feel better from time to time but no enough to go out in the ocean or in the direct sun.

      We eat lunch in early afternoon. After having some food there is a padle board activity organized for those who are interested. I decide to give it a try as I'm told it's pretty easy and you can stay in the shade for a good part of the ride.

      We have a 15 minute ride to get to our starting point. Security in vehicles does not follow the same standards as in Canada; seat belts are optional and beer is permitted. The girls decide to sit in the back of the pickup truck for the ride. Travelling on dirt roads we get to our starting point where there are a couple guys on the river with the paddle boards and kayaks waiting for us.

      The mangroves are interesting and the water is nice. We start in a wide area of the river and end up in a narrow section where we need to be precise with our "driving". We Paddle for about an hour and a half before we get to a marina. The pickup truck is there waiting for us to bring us back home. I decide to ride in the back of the pickup for our return.

      Supper is served not too long after we arrive. After dinner the are local dancers who come and give a demonstration of local dancing and also provide some dancing lessons. Some of us are pretty tired so I head of to one of the cabanas for a chat with a glass of rum while Ben gives some dance moves a try with Basia before joining us later.

      Sleep is well invited tonight.
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      Ben, quand est-ce qu’on voir te voir debout sur une planche?


      C’est pas évident faire un selfie sur une planche de surf 🏄🏻‍♂️ mais je travaille là dessus ! 😉

    • Day 4

      Les toilettes compostables

      February 3, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

      Ici toutes les toilettes sont des toilettes compostables. Elles ont le bénéfice de conserver l’eau tout en produisant de l’engrais et du compost.

      Comment ça marche ?
      •Les fluides coulent dans un système d’eaux grises qui irrigue les arbres de coconut
      •Les solides (qu’on couvre de copeaux de bois) vont dans un pot et sont convertis en engrais riche en nutriments
      •Le papier de toilette va dans la poubelle

      Pour les avoir utilisé je peux confirmer qu’effectivement il n’y a pas plus d’odeur que dans nos toilettes auxquelles on est habitué et ça fait la job 💩
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      Jimmy Prince

      Pas sûr!


      Trying them is adopting them 😉

    • Day 5

      #AwesomeFoods Day 5

      February 4, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Crêpes avec pommes et ananas confits
      Œufs brouillés

      Buddha Bowl avec poulet (riz, bines, légumes et sauce aux amandes)

      Apéro : nachos avec pico de gallo
      Filet de poisson avec sauce à l’ail, légumes et purée de patates douces et/ou carottes
      Dessert : Macaron de coconut et crème glacée à la vanille
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      Jacques Proulx

      Feliz cumpleaños, mi niño grande lo está pasando bien y sé feliz.

    • Day 9

      Last day in Paradise

      February 8, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

      Today is our last full day at Coco Loco. We want to take the opportunity to surf. The waves sound and look pretty big this morning so we grab a board and head into the water. The water is pretty warm for 6:30am. We have fun in the waves until we need to get ready for yoga.

      After Yoga and Big Breakfast we chill by the pool and have some drinks. Piña Coladas 🍹are the popular drink this past week.

      After lunch we head to the beach for more surfing. I really enjoyed being on the board. The feeling when you catch the wave and get some speed is really amazing. I will have to do this again.

      We have one last session of Sonic yoga and then have dinner. Tonight the crew has planned a party and a bon fire by the beach.

      We head to the beach around 10pm, the crew brings speakers and coolers with drinks. We have lots of fun dancing under the stars. A great night of fun. We finish the day by going skinny dipping at the pool to cool down before bed. With all the lights off the sky is pretty amazing to watch.
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    • Day 257

      Quiet Coastal Nica

      April 15, 2016 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 35 °C

      It was time for some relaxing on the beach, so we headed to Jiquilillo, a quiet fishing town with a tiny bit of tourism, and just the ticket for a bit of surfing and lots of lounging. We landed at Rancho Esperanza, and took advantage of the many hammocks for some siestas before hitting the waves to try a bit of boogie boarding to get us started. We headed to a BBQ at sunset, but didn't make it too long before the tired eyes set in given our early start to the day - catching up on sleep was also high on our list of things to do while in Jiquilillo!Read more

    • Day 258

      And Then There Were Two

      April 16, 2016 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      We woke up and waited for the optimal surf tide, then headed to the beach. Antoine provided some tips for us beginners and we managed to ride the wash in a few times. We still have a long way to go before we win any championships, but took a little solace in hearing other surfer types complaining about the waves "closing out" and being hard to read. Antoine chefed up one more lunch for us to share and then packed his bags and set off in the afternoon heat, bound for Leon. It was sad to see him go and be back to just the two of us after all the great adventures we shared. We hope to see Antoine one day soon in Whitehorse. After he left, we continued our relaxing...Read more

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