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  • Day18


    June 16, 2016 in France ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    We had breakfast together and later went to the bus stop. We saw a fishing store and saw some nice knives. Speedy and I decided to buy one each in case we have to fight against wolves in the Pyrenees.
    We arrives in Pau in the evening and looked for a supermarket. We found an open store, had our meal and decided to hike at night. We played a lot with our knife. It was a really beautiful sunset walk along a river. Later we ended up in a really dark forest. It was spooky but amazing.
    Later in the night we passed by an old building. A dog started barking at us. But then we headed a really weird knurren. If felt like it was right behind us. We walked camly away from the forest and more into he farmhouse. We could still hear it. I thought that maybe it was just another dog. We went back to the path walked some more. And there it was. Right from the side of us we heard the noise again. It must be following us. Whatever it is. We went another path away from the Camino and chilled for a bit. After a long time we decided to just keep going and returned to the camink route.
    At 4am we arrived at a nice place to camp. We slept deeply and felt very refreshed the next morning.
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